Throughout April, as we recognize Human Rights and Genocide Awareness Month, we are all challenged to consider our collective role in preventing genocide today and in the future.
On April 24th, Yom Hashoah  - Holocaust Remembrance Day - we pause to remember the six million Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust and remind ourselves of the undeniable possibilities that accompany unchecked hatred and antisemitism.

The following resources can help engage students in conversation about the Holocaust and genocide and inspire them to act towards building a better future.
Tom White, Coordinator of Educational Outreach at the Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, discusses the impact of leaving Jews and antisemitism out of Holocaust commemorations. He challenges teachers to focus on the individual story as they prepare to teach about Yom Hashoah.
Books portray experiences and characters that have the capacity to create lasting impressions. This collection of young adult literature, curated by the Anti-Defamation League includes Night, Measure of A Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to Presidents' Tailor, Maus, and many more, along with corresponding lesson plans to share with students.  
Explore this comprehensive collection of curated educational resources, photographs, testimonials, and materials compiled by expert scholars and educators at Yad Vashem to support Holocaust remembrance activities.

Today and every day USC Shoah Foundation encourages educators to engage with testimony, be inspired by testimony, and integrate   IWitness  resources into classrooms. Explore these resources for commemorating  Yom Hashoah  with students throughout the entire month of April and remember the victims of genocide with testimony, educational resources, and personal stories for  Genocide Awareness Month
Echoes and Reflections webinars provide historical content, resources, and strategies to extend and enhance Holocaust instruction. Learn more about making contemporary connections for students with these upcoming topics:

Introduction to Contemporary Antisemitism Supplementary Content on 5/17 at 7pm EST

Learn about classroom-ready materials to address contemporary antisemitism, Holocaust denial, and anti-Israel rhetoric with students.


Connecting the Past with Today: The Plight of Jewish Refugees during the Holocaust on 5/22 at 4pm EST

With the world facing the largest refugee crisis since WWII, help students make connections and build understanding of this crisis through the study of the Holocaust.

Starting in May 2017, learn at your own pace with Echoes and Reflections'  Teaching about the Holocaust - Online Learning for Teachers. This self-paced program includes three interactive learning modules released over three weeks starting and offers a comprehensive introduction to teaching about the Holocaust.
For more programs view Echoes and Reflections' full calendar here.
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