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  YCPC Meeting
The next Planning Commission meeting is being held on June 19, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. If you are interested in a specific topic, please visit the  Boards and Committees page for more information.

YAMPO Meeting

The next YAMPO meeting is being held on June 28, 2018, at 9:00 am.  Please visit the Boards and Committees page for more information.



June 15, 2018

To keep you updated on activities and current events, the York County Planning Commission has created E-Alerts.  These E-Alerts are just another way to keep you connected with what is taking place in and around your community.  Please explore the articles below or visit the links to the left for other helpful information.  

2017 Municipal Population
Estimates Released! 

 On May 24, 2018, the US Census Bureau released the 2017 population estimates for sub-county geographies, including cities, boroughs and townships. These estimates are the most accurate in the intervening years between decennial censuses.

York County's total population in 2017 is 446,078. This is an increase of 2.5% since 2010. Looking at the municipal projections, York County's most populous municipality is York City, with 44,132 residents. Our smallest borough remains Yorkana Borough, with 228 residents.

For more information, please click here  .

Pleasant Acres Road Bridge Open House
York County is looking for your feedback about options for the future of the bridge on Pleasant Acres Road. Please attend our open house at the 911 Center on Tuesday, June 26 to learn more. Please see the attached flyer for more information
To York County Municipalities:
While it is recognized that drilling of unconventional natural gas wells is not at the forefront of our municipal thoughts in York County, please be advised that a recent PA Supreme Court ruling reminds us to review any language that may exist presently in our ordinances regarding the possible drilling of natural gas wells, and to make sure that it is compliant with the recent Court findings.

RFP for York County Planning Commission 
Website Redesign & Update 
The York County Planning Commission (YCPC) is seeking proposals from qualified firms for website redesign and update.   The YCPC is looking to streamline the current website and make it more user friendly, easier to navigate, and more visually appealing. 

Deadline for RFP submissions is 4:00 PM, June 22, 2018.

Request for Proposals - YCPC Website Redesign
Flood and Water Pollution Solutions Public Meeting - June 21st
The York County Planning Commission invites county residents, municipal officials, and businesses to join us for a public information session to discuss the scale of flooding and water pollution in the County, along with potential solutions:

● When: Thursday, June 21, 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 pm (doors open at 6:30 p.m.)
● Where: York Learning Center, 300 East 7th Ave, York, PA 17404 (Old Central High School)

Approximately 1,100 miles of streams that don't meet mandated environmental standards have been identified in the County, and there are still many miles of streams to evaluate. In addition, the Commission has identified 215 locations on roads in the county that experience frequent flooding problems.

Among the solutions that will be discussed at this public meeting will be creation of a countywide stormwater authority. If approved by the York County Commissioners, this new local agency would address flooding and pollution problems by investing in stream restoration, erosion control, and reforestation projects along county waterways.
Come to the public meeting to learn more, ask questions, and share your thoughts with us. Your input will help shape this important effort. Please share this notice with any other interested parties.

Also please mark your calendars for the additional public meetings to be held on September 25th and November 8th.

For more information visit:

Impaired Streams  in York County
The York County Stormwater Authority Feasibility Study was completed in January of 2016.  The County Board of Commissioners voted to accept the findings of the Study and charged the York County Planning Commission to move forward with an implementation plan.  Development of a Stormwater Authority Implementation Plan is now underway.  The purpose of the Plan is to find a more effective way to clean up the County's polluted streams and reduce flooding, as well as protect healthy streams.  Various maps were created to help communicate the stormwater efforts to stakeholders, municipalities, and the public.  One effective map is our impaired streams map.  It shows what streams were designated as impaired streams in 2010.  Since then, the DEP has continued stream assessments and more of our county streams are designated as impaired.  The attached map shows the comparison of the impaired streams from 2010 to 2018.  Other streams in the county are undergoing assessment.  DEP projects that all of York County streams will be impaired by 2020.
If you have questions about the map, please contact Tanya Wall .   If you have any questions about the Stormwater Authority project, please contact the YCPC Stormwater Representative  .

Upcoming LTAP Classes
The new LTAP Training courses have been scheduled within York County.  
9/13/18 - 9/13/18
8:00am - 12:00pm
East Manchester Township
5080 North Sherman Street, Ext.
Mt. Wolf, PA 17347

If interested in any of these classes, please visit the LTAP website and register for this class.  If you have any questions, please contact your LTAP Administrator via the LTAP website or Barb Forry at 717-771-9870 or and your question will be answered as quickly as possible

We will continue to send out periodic updates to keep you updated and connected with what is happening in and around York County.  Please continue to visit our website for the latest news.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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