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                                                                                                                       June, 2013                                  

"Green was the silence, wet was the light,
the month of June trembled like a butterfly."  

                                                                                   ~  Pablo Neruda                                                                     
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Join us in Nashville
Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Donor Recognition
Foster Homes Needed
Tellington Touch by Penny Case
Looking for her Forever Home
All Star Thank You
Neeko's Joke
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Editor's Message - June 2013  
Julie Gedro
I am a little stuck this month; I have been so busy that I don't have to much philosophical reflection to offer, but life is wonderful and chock a block full of Yorkie frivolity. So, I will write about a little of this and a little of that, if that's ok? No matter what is going on, I can count on Buzzy, Nicholas and Leiko to keep things lively, funny, and real.  A colleague of mine today told me that I appeared very mellow today at our monthly meeting, and I suppose that it was the combination of some warm sunny weather outside, along with the fact that a few of my longer term commitments, like serving as our faculty chair, and some other governance related responsibilities, are coming to an end.  Some chapters are closing for me, and there is peace and calm around those chapters.  Our graduation ceremony at Empire State College is June 1, and I return to a 'regular seat' with the faculty while our new chair leads the procession and announces graduation candidate names. A new cycle of projects begins, later this summer. I have some travel coming up, conference and related trips to Monterey, and to Haiti. Speaking of chapters closing and others opening, recently, I rescued and rehomed an adorable guy who is now living large and in charge with his new family, just down the road from me. Look for an article from him, hopefully, in next month's newsletter.

Meantime, please enjoy this month's Newsletter.


Join us in  Nashville  September  5 - 8 
Time is running out to get our special room rate!!

Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue is going to have the
Second Annual  Weekend of Fun in September 5 - 8, 2013.  
We would love for you to join us. 
It's not too late to book your room and join us for a Weekend of Friendship and Fun!!
    Please call the hotel 615-885-2200 and tell them you are booking your room with Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue.  

Thursday evening, depending on how many people have arrived, we will have an impromptu dinner to be decided at that time. 

Friday 8:30am - 2:30 pm Annual Board Meeting
Friday evening we've suggested a dinner and dancing at the Wild Horse Saloon. 

Saturday 11:00am  Tea Party at HatWKS, a wonderful little Hat Boutique where we can visit and try on some of her beautiful and curious hats!  

Saturday night  September 7, 7:00 pm we will be having our Smoky Awards Banquet in the hotel.  Dinner will be $65.00 pp.  Please send your payment to:  YTNR Yorkie Event. 1065 Lewis Rd, Chapmansboro, TN 37035.   Please send your checks for this dinner now as we need to pay in advance of our arrival.  Thanks 

Saturday night after the dinner some will go dancing again! TBA! 

Come Join Us if you can.  So far on our list:

Stephi and David Luken
Linda Connor
Corrine Ellison
Pam Mindt and Hannelie
Tara Sampler and her husband
Julie Gedro
Jon and Ronnie Birdsong
Priscilla and Lowell Byars
Amalia and Ron Spaulding
Patti Kushnir and Kathy Dunn
Tina Ann Byers
Michelle Dawn and Mary Margaret
Barbara Buechele
Jessica Frias
Peggy Munke
Karen Dugmore
MaryElizabeth and Dan Dugmore
Karin and Allan Nakashima
Jackie and Jerry Wolfe 
Paula and Brittney Fonseca
Bette Gae Dart 
Nancy Nicoulin  

Their charming courtyard

Mary-Margaret O'Brien 

My very good friend, P. Reginald Rabbit. 

 He lives on the slope behind me on the other side of the fence. My Aunt Leslie told my mom to go to a feed store and get some Timothy Hay.  We have to sprinkle it on our lawn for the bunnies.  Bunnies and cats clean themselves by licking but cats can throw up the hairballs and bunnies just get all plugged up.  Aunt Leslie says that Timothy Hay will make the bunnies little digestive systems get rid of all the hair.  If they don't she says they'll die in a year, but a well taken care of bunny can live 10 or 12 years.  Next stop - Dan's Feed and Seed at the end of Old Town.  Or maybe that new Feed Store in Murrieta. 

Mom is sort of scowling about all of this.  She says "Oh Boy!!  Just what I wanted - more bunnies, more poop and more rabbit hair in my back yard!!!"  I just tell her to "Chill" and that it's MY backyard too.


Mary-Margaret O'Brien 
Lt. Chaplain - Yorkie Brigade Chapel 
"Yorkie prayers are Angel's wishes!"


Special Thanks to this month's Donors 

Thanks to all the generous May contributors ♥

General Fund Donations  
Pieter Vermeulen *
MaryElizabeth Dugmore *
Sandra J. Flolo *
Bette Gae Dart *
Alan and Karin Nakashima *
Frances Holliday Alford
Brenda Jasper *
Antonio Merlano (Italy) 
* = Monthly Donors 

We couldn't do it without you... 


The Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Inc. is run solely on private donations and fund raising efforts made by people like you who love this Breed. We appreciate your support


We are a 501 (c) (3) organization, your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Foster Homes Needed

If you have the time and interest, please 
go to our web page 
and fill out an application to foster.  Someone will contact you and help you get started in your area.   We are in desperate need of foster homes in California, Florida, Texas and all of the New England States.  We look forward to working with you if you have the heart to help us save Yorkies!  



Tellington Touch - Penny Case 

 Wrap It Up!

    It's a cap! It's a bonnet! It's a Tellington TTouch Head Wrap! 

    You may recall me talking about head wraps a while back.  Since then I've had the most remarkable experiences using head wraps on anxious, unfocused, restless, or scared dogs. 

    Any dog can be a candidate for a head wrap at one time or another.  This simple tool can help a dog who is anxious, restless, scared, unsure, unable to focus, unable to ride quietly in the car.  Also can be helpful in quieting habitual barkers!

      The wrap is done with Ace bandages on larger dogs, but for Yorkies and other small breeds, a 1" or 2" length of sewing elastic or wrap is most useful.  Bigger wraps tend to cover too much of the head and face. 

    The Forehead Wrap is a simple place to start.  It's "helpful to calm dogs who are excitable, nervous, reactive or stressed." 

    To apply, cut a length of elastic several inches long.  Place the middle of the wrap across the dog's forehead.  Cross the wrap under the chin.  Take the ends up and around the neck until they meet and fasten together with Velcro or a safety pin.  You can also tie a bow here instead of pinning. 

    "Remember the wraps are not meant to give 'support' but rather to give 'feedback' about where the body is in space and what it is doing.
    The wrap should be snug enough to stay on without feeling stretched."

    Leave the wrap on for 20 minutes or so, then you can remove it for a while and repeat. 

    There are several variations on Head Wraps.  Find them all and more in All Wrapped Up  Improving function, performance & behavior with Tellington TTouch Body Wraps by Robyn Hood with Mandy Pretty, available through

    Thanks for all you do for dogs!

    Wishing all you humans and Yorkies a fabulous summer! 

    Stay in TTouch!

    Penny Case
    Guild Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner
Looking for her Forever Home.....Meet Zoey

This is adorable little Zoey .  She is an 8 month old yorkie puppy who weighs 5.9 lbs.  Zoey loves life and is very social and outgoing.  She greets everyone with a kiss and has not met a person she doesn't like!  Zoey is very smart and learned to climb her foster family's stairs in less than a day.  She dances for her treats and is so proud of herself when she is praised.  Zoey attended one obedience class so far and appears eager to learn how to sit and stay.  Zoey has the potential to be a great therapy dog once she gets a little older.  She is cuddly and loves to sleep on her foster parent's lap or next to them in bed.  She is curious about the world and new adventures, and loves to go out for a walk or run in her foster parents' fenced yard. 
Zoey is good with men, women and older respectful children.  She is good with cats (although wants to play with them) and could be placed with a cat who is comfortable with dogs.  Zoey is very healthy, spayed, and UTD on all of her shots.  Zoey's will need to have another small dog or two who want to play with her and a parent who is home at least part-time.  She is working on learning to use the potty pad and go outdoors.

If Zoey is the girl of your dreams, please fill out an application with her name on it.  She will be your devoted lifetime companion and you will not regret it.   
Please visit our web page and fill out an application to adopt and put in Zoey's name.     

told by 
Athena Maria  Aphrodite  
The Goddess of Wisdom and Love..... 


* According to the Georgian calendar, which is used over most of the world today, June is the sixth month. 


* On the Roman calendar, it was considered the fourth month and had only 29 days. Julius Ceasar gave the month 30 days in 46 B.C., when he reformed the Roman calendar.

* Spring ends and summer begins around June 20, 21, or 22 in the Northern Hemisphere. It's the time that the flowers are beautiful. It is especially the month for roses. 


* In the Southern hemisphere, winter begins during June, and it brings cold, rainy weather to this part of the world.


Gems for June are the pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone.

* The rose is the flower for the month of June.



All Star Thank You  
We couldn't have done it without you
Thanks for making us a 2012 Constant Contact All Star

We wanted to share the great news and express our gratitude to you, our wonderful members, for receiving this honor. Our emails and events are made with our members and supporters in mind, so Thank You for engaging and interacting with us.
Neeko Red
Neeko's Joke ;o)


"What papers do I need for my trip to England?" a college student asked the travel agent. 
"A passport and a visa," was the reply. 
"I already have the passport, you think they'd accept MasterCard?" 




Love to all, 

Neeko :o)                                                                                         BackToTop

Every time we remember to say "thank you", we experience nothing less than heaven on earth. -- Sarah Ban Breathnach

Chris Hogan, 
Executive Vice President 
of the Hogan Family Foundation Inc, is the Program Director of Lifeline-4-Paws. 
She is a YTNR member and has generously supported
 our rescue efforts, contributing tens of thousands of dollars 
to over 120 of our dogs since 2007.