Practical, Real World Divorce Seminar

Thursday, May 25, 2017

1:20 -  4:20 pm, Harris County Jury Assembly Center

3.0 hours CLE                       Three hours of fast paced, fun, extremely practical and useful CLE! 

Total Cost: $60 if you register by May 19 ( 100% refund if you do not find this seminar to be very useful and practical).  Cost is $75 if you register after May 19.

  Click here   t o download the detailed seminar description and a registration form. Register by May 10 to get the $60 price!

Legal assistants and paralegals are invited to this seminar!!!  

This fast paced, never boring, hyper-useful seminar will cover:

The Myste
ries of the District Clerk's Office - Chris Daniel, Harris County District Clerk - You will see what happens on the clerk's end when we file a petition and TRO or a motion in a pending case with a request for hearing.  Learn helpful tips for electronic filing and the most common reasons why filings are rejected.  Get your e-filing questions answered!  30 minutes.

Filing a Motion, Setting a Hearing, and Giving Notice - Judge John Schmude, Head Clerk Raven Hubbard, Attorney Bruce Steffler
- Forms and procedures for filing a motion, getting a hearing and giving timely notice, all the while complying with seldom followed local rules.  Calculating the deadline to give notice of a hearing.   Advice on how to present emergency, ex-parte motions.  Judge Schmude and his clerk will explain how to get a hearing date and how not to.  20 minutes.


Winning the QDRO Battle  - Richard Johnston, QDRO Services
-   Tips for getting information early on the retirement plans and how to get a QDRO done by the entry of the divorce decree with minimal hassle.  Traps to avoid in settlement agreements.  20 minutes.

Click here  to download a seminar registration form.

Preparing for Successful Mediation - Attorney and Mediator Jane McEldowney
- How to prepare the client and what updated information is needed prior to mediation in order to maximize the chances of settling.  Common mistakes lawyers make before mediation. 20 minutes

Divorcing the House - Dealing with the Family Residence in a Divorce - Attorney Shari Goldsberry
-  Who should move out, temporary exclusive use, how to value the house and how not to, how to deal with the mortgage that is in both names,   closing documents, what to do when the house is jointly owned separate property, why refinancing usually does not change who owns the house. 20 minutes.

Family Law Discovery for Clients Who Are Not Rich - Attorneys Mary Ramos and Greg Enos
-   Forms for interrogatories and requests for production for divorces without children, divorces with children, child support modification cases, custody or visitation modification cases, "relocation" modification cases, and paternity/SAPCR cases.  Helpful agreements to get discovery done quicker and cheaper.  How to calendar discovery requests and how to properly object to discovery.  Requests for production to non-parties and subpoenas.  70 minutes


Profits from this seminar will go to a law enforcement scholarship in memory of Phillip "Brother" Molis.   Phillip was 23 when he was shot 11 times while working security on April 9 at a Galveston hotel.  His lifelong dream was to be a peace officer and he expected to start working with his many friends in the Galveston Police Department this Fall.  Tragically, the gunmen probably mistook Phillip for a police officer when he caught them breaking into cars in the hotel parking lot late at night.  Phillip died of his injuries on April 15.  Click here to read a short news story about this tragedy that is personal to my family in a lot of ways.
Phillip "Brother" Molis

 Click here to download the detailed seminar description and a registration form.

Space is limited.  Please register by May 19 to get the $60 price. 

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Attorney Greg Enos has been through his own divorce and  child custody battle (he won) and understands  what his clients are going through.  Enos  graduated from the University of Texas Law  School and was a successful personal injury  attorney in Texas City be fore he decided his true  calling was to help families in divorce and child  custody cases. Greg Enos is active in politics and in Clear Lake area charities.  He has served as President of the Bay Area Bar Association and President of the Board of  Interfaith Caring Ministries.  The Enos Law Firm serves clients in Galveston County, Brazoria County and Harris County, Texas.  

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