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October 2012


Dear One... 


You Can Express Yourself without Self-Doubt or Hesitation. 

Focus Intensive Virtual Retreats
October 28: Self-Expression Liberated

This confident, ease-filled flow of aliveness seeks your connection, your flow, your being really--to empower our realm with more and more of this energy of true being.  We know this is the point of being aware of our divinity, and yet sometimes it's so hard to bring forth...


This Sunday, I'll be hosting an in-depth, online, virtual, digital retreat focused on exploring and shifting our relationship with Self-Expression. 


This experience will invite us to immerse ourselves deep in our inner currents and illuminate our relationship with flow, authenticity and clarity as self-expression.  We will emerge from this with more openness to being our true selves and more confidence.


We each hold the keys to open up our own life.  There is no guru, no teacher needed.  What is beneficial to each of us differs--with our uniqueness and moment to moment.

What I offer you in this experience is a full day of focus to create the change you desire.  I am not your key, nor your guru, I create a container, offer you a sacred space in which to open more fully, safely focus, access expanded energies and co-create.  Through guided experiences and transmissions of energy and information you will be deeply supported and nourished in ways that support your intentions for creating more true, ease-filled experiences of self-expression.


So often we have a sense of what will give us more life, but we simply lack the sustained focus, the confidence or the support to open into our own fullness.  We get tired, life is complex and rich, other people "interrupt" our focus, we lose momentum.   Even with clarity sometimes we find it challenging to line up the clarity with the inspiration and energy we need to manifest change in actual experience!  


Ready to break free from this monotony and use your longing to kindle your fire, burn away old patterns and burst into more light?


The Focus Intensive, 1-day digital retreat is a response to these realities of life, these challenges of divine embodiment while doing the laundry and paying bills.  It's a tool to empower your multidimensional presence with the juice and focus it needs to alter physical reality.


Join us, for a conscious retreat, using multidimensional energy practices, connection with spirit and the Angelic Realm, along with collective focus and intention to create in manifest reality a new experience. 


Authenticity is your heart-lit path to human optimization.  Gift yourself with the depth of focus that liberates your true being.


Take a deep, guided, reflection into explorations that help you free yourself, come into alignment and make peace with yourself at a deep level. 


Would you just LOVE to unleash the experience of true self-expression without the strain of self-doubt and hesitation?  


Would it be such a relief to tap into and discover your soul power and live it on both inner and outer planes?  


Would you welcome a transformative experience that helps you once and for all, overcome challenges, excuses, problems and lingering relationships that limit your wholesome, original, spontaneous self-expression?    


Yes?  CLICK HERE and initiate your own new beginning.


Imagine the glorious peace of all of us living in true alignment with our essence and our heart's desires.


Please send your blessings and love to all of us, growing in self-unity, self-love and the ability to joyously self-express.


I'd also welcome your intentions and love for every one who is called to this specific focus this Sunday.


Appreciating your amplification and your support...thank you!  

Endless joy to you lovely...endless joy!