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V 7:5 March 1, 2012
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BK Communiqu�

"Self-made men often worship only their creator."   

                                         -- Bryant H. McGill

Who and What Got You Here?

The Book:
The Self-Made Myth: And the Truth About How Government Helps Individuals and Businesses Succeed


Why Read It? We're often told that wealthy and  successful people are heroic visionaries who achieved their positions entirely on their own. This work challenges the by-your-own-bootstraps narrative enshrined in American tradition and beloved by antigovernment activists by highlighting the ways government and society help individuals become successful.


Authors Brian Miller and Mike Lapham explore the historic roots of the self-made myth and reveal the damage it causes. They present profiles of business leaders
(such as Warren Buffett) who, in their own words, identify the kinds of support and assistance that were crucial to their success and disprove the arguments of individuals (such as Donald Trump) who have helped perpetuate their own self-made success myths.  


Read an excerpt here and buy the book for 30% off.
For media review copies, please contact Cynthia Shannon.
For academic review copies,  please contact Mike Crowley. 


Publishing News
Who Made Whom?

In this issue of the Communiqu�, we explore how society and government contribute heavily to individual wealth and success despite the myth of the self-made man.

But if someone has the drive and the commitment to succeed, then success comes from within, no? Why, then, should he or she thank outside sources? Authors Brian Miller and Mike Lapham give you Five Important Outside (Yet Often Disregarded) Factors That Contribute to Anyone's Individual Success.
Other News   

+ Recently found not guilty of murder, Amanda Knox has already received a $4 million advance for her story. OJ is said to be furious.

+ Bill O'Reilly's book about the JFK assassination will be released this fall. Only in America can a famous person write one  historically inaccurate book and be rewarded with a contract for another.

+ Why do male authors enjoy more success than female authors? Pamela Redmond Satran explains.

+ For the financially curious, the guys over at the Motley Fool have analyzed what McGraw-Hill does with its cash.

+ What would happen if you fed the descriptions of literary characters right from the books into a police sketch-artist program? This.

+ And if you enjoyed the last newsletter's video of "Sh*t Editors Say," then get ready for the follow-up, "Sh*t Book Reviewers Say."
+ Based on Richard Bailey's book Speaking American, you can now take a quiz to see if you really know how to speak American.



+ Free Excerpt from a New York Times Bestseller: Jack Kennedy, by Chris Matthews. Read an excerpt here.

+ Free Software: Do your mind mapping online here.

+ Free How-To: Get your revenge on junk mailers by doing this.
Free E-Book (for 48 Hours)
For forty-eight hours, we are giving away e-copies of our bestselling title Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class, by Thom Hartmann, and you can download it here. In thanks for your loyal readership, this e-book will be available as a free download exclusively for BK Communiqu� subscribers. But act fast! After midnight on March 2, 2012, you're going to have to plunk down $16.95 like everyone else.
BK News Special
So we have a new editorial intern at BK, and her name is Ashley Redfield. Despite our best efforts, she appears to be thriving. All editorial interns are required to maintain a blog during their internship, where they can relate their experiences, freely criticize any aspect of their work, or sing the praises of the phenomenal Managing Director. Why not have a look at what Ashley has to say?
Bonnie's Web Wanderings
I'm Bonnie Kaufman, Editorial Associate and Digital Community Builder (and a fan of dogs who appreciate a good melody). I practically live online and come across some amazing and amusing things. Here are my recent favorites:

1. How does it make sense to have to leave the United States, enter into Canada, and re-enter the United States to get to one American town? Welcome to Point Roberts, Washington.

2. The mysterious, wicked, yet entirely true life of Mr. Zedzed.

3. Why bother with silly leap years? This animated film explains why.

4. Unlikely Care-Takers: The New York Times takes a look at aging prisoners and those who tend to them.

5. So indescribably cute that you want to slap someone! I am referring, of course, to Siku the polar bear cub's live feed.

Books We're Working On
Title: Leadership and the Art of Struggle

Author: Steven Snyder

Releases: Winter 2013

Synopsis: Leadership is difficult -- in our quest to teach leaders the secrets of success, we've somehow lost sight of this truth. This work teaches leaders that leadership is a marathon, not a sprint, and offers key strategies for embracing the art of struggling as a leader.
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End Notes

Last time, I issued this challenge. The first correct answer came  from Rick Stamm, who was doing god knows what at 4:30 a.m. when he sent his response in. The answer can be found here.

And your next challenge can be found here.  

Email me with any comments or rants. And as the weather slowly turns warmer, be on the lookout for Satan's ice-cream truck.

And if you enjoyed the videos of the eight happiest dogs on YouTube in the previous issue, you are no doubt pumped up and energized, so there's no better time to pull a CSI.

P.S. -- this isn't real, is it?
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