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In 21 out of 41 countries with data, more than one third of girls aged 15-19 years are anemic. Anemia, most commonly iron-deficiency anemia, increases the risk of hemorrhage and sepsis during childbirth. It causes cognitive and physical deficits in young children and reduces productivity in adults. Women and girls are most vulnerable to anemia due to insufficient iron in their diets, menstrual blood loss and periods of rapid growth.
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In this month's newsletter, we share exciting news that Dr. Rubino published his research study in a top medical journal. In addition, Dr. Rubino has once again been recognized as "Top Doc" in Montclair Magazine. We also discuss a common condition among female athletes. Further, we highlight Serena Williams' dedication to her sport, even during pregnancy. In our Healthy Living section, we include a super easy and healthy summer recipe. We also highlight an exciting, FREE local event for all of you boxing, healthy eating and philanthropic enthusiasts. And,  you'll find a new interesting "Medical Fact". 

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The Rubino OB/GYN Group
Dr. Rubino Published In Top Medical Journal medicaljournal
Dr Rubino continues to make contributions to the scientific literature in the area of abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB).  Dr. Rubino's research was published in The
Journal of Reproductive Medicine. The research concluded a combination of hysteroscopy & uterine ablation is effective and safe for treating  AUB.
Following is a summary of the study:

The article in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine (JRM) titled Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Control by sequential application of Hysteroscopic Lesion Morcellation and Endometrial Ablation represents a significant advance in medicine and women's healthcare. 

The articles lead author, Dr. Robert  Rubino, founder of the Rubino OBGYN Group, has an interest in reducing the need for hysterectomies by implementing conservative, minimally invasive technology to address pathological uterine bleeding and hemmorage in women. 

The problem is often due to uterine fibroids or polyps. Dr. Rubino headed a national, multi-center trial that combined two new procedures simultaneously instead of the traditional approach which involved separate surgeries spread out over time. "Typically, women who suffer from pathologically heavy menstrual flow often have fibroids and polyps as the cause as well as an abnormality of the uterine lining called  'adenomyosis'. In the past, it has been considered too risky to remove a fibroid or polyp and then ablate (destroy) the uterine lining at the same time for concerns of complications and post operative scarring. 

Based on f ollow up from a prior research article published in the Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology (JMIG, 2015; 22:285-290) it became clear that hysteroscopic morcellation is quite safe and a combined procedure with ablation may be possible."  

The study looked at 26 patients at several centers across the US who suffered from heavy, abnormal uterine bleeding who had polyps or fibroids in the uterine cavity. Instead of the patients having the masses removed in one surgery and coming back several months later to have the uterine lining ablated, the two surgeries were done at the same time. 

The patients were monitored for safety, efficacy and complications. The results showed dramatic improvement of quality of life scores post procedure, an 87 percent success rate and no major complications. 

"It is rewarding to challenge the current orthodoxy through bold research questions and get objective data to support the hypothesis, this is how we move medicine forward. Patients who previously had to stretch their treatment out over several months and two surgeries, two anesthesia exposures and two leaves from work and home life now only have to go through it once and most avoid hysterectomy. To me, that is progress," states Robert J. Rubino, MD.

To read the full clinical study,  click here.
Common Condition in Female Athletes athletes
The ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) 3_soccer_girls.jpg released recent guidelines for OB/GYNs to screen a medical condition observed in physically active females, knows as the female athlete triad. 

Menstruation is a key vital sign since absence or abnormality of menses is an important marker of overall health.  In addition, the following three components are observed:
  • low energy availability with or without disordered eating
  • menstrual dysfunction
  • low bone density. 
The following information from the ACOG provides more information on the female athlete triad:

"Amenorrhea, or abnormal absence of menstruation, is often considered "normal" among elite athletes who are often unaware this is the first indicator of a more serious problem, which is not uncommon in female athletes," said Meredith Loveless, M.D., author of the Committee Opinion and chair of ACOG's Committee on Adolescent Health Care. "While dancers, gymnasts and runners are at highest risk for the female athlete triad, all athletes are susceptible regardless of body build or sport and a patient doesn't need to be experiencing all three components to be affected. Even healthcare providers often do not understand that an athlete does not need to have all three components to have female athlete triad and be adversely affected by this condition so increased awareness is important."

Female athlete triad stems from energy imbalance, which occurs when dietary energy intake minus exercise energy expenditure doesn't leave adequate energy for remaining body functions. This can lead to dysfunction of the hypothalamus-the control center for the endocrine system which secretes hormones to various organs. When it's not functioning properly, often due to under-nutrition, it can affect menstrual function and bone health. Many athletes will experience a decrease in estrogen levels, which plays a key role in bone formation and maintenance.

The pressure among female athletes to be lean is tremendous," said Loveless. "Unfortunately, this can lead to unhealthy behaviors that can cause a host of problems that may not be reversible and can counter their performance goals, including osteoporosis, fracture and diminished athletic performance."

Among slender build female athletes, clinical disordered eating has been reported between 16 to 47 percent compared to five to 10 percent among the general population.  However, many athletes are simply not taking in enough fuel to cover their energy expenditure without having an underlying eating disorder.

The overall goal of treatment is the restoration of regular menses, which is the clinical marker for energy balance. The most important aspect of treating female athlete triad is diet and activity modification and a sports nutritionist may play a key role in treatment. There is a common misconception that birth control pills can treat female athlete triad but studies show they have little effect on restoring bone mass density and can make it more difficult to use menstruation as a marker of recovery. They are not a substitute for dietary or activity modifications.

In addition to an ob/gyn advising their patient, it may be necessary to include a  multidisciplinary team  of specialists working together including dietitians and mental health providers, as well as the athlete, their family and coaches to set realistic goals.
Exercising During Pregnancy? Ask Serena Williams serena
Yahoo Sports featured an article on Serena Williams highlighting her tenacious commitment toward tennis - even during her third trimester of pregnancy.

The article reads, "Seven months into her pregnancy, Serena Williams' backhand is still on fire. The tennis champ - who won the Australian Open in January  returned to the top of the WTA rankings the week after news of her pregnancy broke in April - may be sitting out the year professionally. But the 28-week-pregnant athlete is by no means staying off the court, as her Instagram feed proved on Thursday, when Williams posted a video of herself playing tennis as fiercely as ever.

A little insight into the 35-year-old tennis champ's built-in doubles partner: According to the doctors on the  BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board, Williams' little bun currently resembles a large eggplant (their comparison, not ours), weighing in at a little over 2 lbs and measures nearly 15 inches.

Williams has been  sharing snapshots of her pregnancy on social media since the middle of April, when she unintentionally announced announced she was expecting her first child with  fiancé Alexis Ohanian in a very 2017 way: via Snapchat. On April 19, the 23-time Grand Slam winner  shared a selfie in a yellow swimsuit captioned "20 weeks." A week later, Williams, who is  waiting to find out the sex of her baby,  confessed in an interview with Gayle King that she had not mean to share her big news with the world quite yet."

Is it safe to remain active while pregnant? 
For women who are already in top shape, it is perfectly acceptable to maintain your normal levels of exertion. However, pregnancy should be a time to maintain your fitness level, not seek to make fitness gains. It's important to listen to your body. If you start to experience v aginal bleeding, a bdominal cramping, l ight-headedness, e xcessive nausea or e xtreme headaches you should stop exercising and consult your doctor.

To read the full Yahoo article and watch a video of Serena in action,  click here.

Healthy Living - Berry Popsicles healthyliving
Looking for a healthy, refreshing, gluten & sugar free dessert for these hot summer days?

This simple, 5 minute recipe is a hit for adults and children:

Berry Popsicles

1 cup plain organic yogurt
¾ cup frozen organic berries of your choice
1 frozen banana
1 tablespoon of honey
1/2 cup of coconut milk
1 scoop of collagen (optional if looking for an added protein boost)

Add all ingredients to a food processor, blender or Nutribullet. Blend until smooth.

Pour mixture into Popsicle molds.

Place Popsicle molds in freezer and freeze for 4 hours.

To remove Popsicle, run warm water over the outside of the Popsiclemold until they loosen and pop out.

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