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Special Message
We cannot begin to express our gratitude to those of you who have poured your generosity, encouragement and love on us. What we accomplished this summer would not have been possible without you! We're still processing it all. You humble us to our core and we couldn't be more grateful to you to have enabled us to experience what we have. While you were not there physically know that you were as much a part of our accomplishments as much as those who were there. Together with you, we trained 80 people in Cap-Haïtien , we presented 60 certificates of training completion, we conducted follow-up visits with four women business-owners in Gonaïves, Maryse Pénette-Kedar hosted our event in Port-au-Prince, and SO MUCH MORE! Mèsi (thank you)!
News & Updates
(Left to right) Marson S. (CHES), Michael B. (P4H), Scott M. (P4H), Rebecca O. (CHES), Josh B. (P4H), Venita B.S. (CHES), Nathanael J. (CHES), Angelina H. (CHES)
Men Anpil Chay Pa Lou!

There is a Haitian saying, "With many hands, the burden is light." Since September 2015, we planned and labored beside  Projects for Haiti to host our  business training to 80 men and women in Cap-Haïtien. 60 people earned certificates of completion. We overcame many difficult challenges to realize this training. The participants' raw hunger for the knowledge we shared inspired each and every member of our team. The eagerness of our participants was our fuel.  

Participants ranged from 18 to 70 years of age. Many were high school graduates. We are pleased to say that there was a balanced representation of men and women attendees.   Marson, our board member, who owns and runs a restaurant in Cap, was one of the rockstars of the training.  His presentations were well received for many reasons. He is a local business-owner who brought very relevant knowledge. He represents an unaccessible class of people to our participants who was suddenly meeting them where they are and willing to share his knowledge and experience. At the end of the training, the class' thank you speech left tears of emotions streaming down our entire team's eyes. 

Below are a few quotes from the participant evaluations:

The parts of this training I found were best included SWOT, different stakeholders, 4 Ps of marketing, business plan development, inventory management and break-even point. (translated)

I would like this training to grow so that we can get more opportunities to create our own businesses and equip more people in the country with knowledge so that we can do business together. (translated)

I thank all of the staff for the superb work that they did for us while they were in Haiti. May God bless you all.

Click here for a full statistical report of our training.

We want to thank the P4H team for their collaboration. We also want to express our gratitude to Pastor Albert, who hosted the training at his church. Special thanks to Angelina, a founding member, who returned to volunteer. Many thanks to Nathanael, a medical student from Port-au-Prince, who was determined to volunteer. When we weren't able to raise enough funds for him to lodge with the rest of the CHES team, Nathaniel found lodging himself in Cap-Haïtien. The videos and pictures we captured are all the artistry of Venita, our board member.   It took a village!

See more from the training via the video below:

CHES 2016 & Beyond
CHES 2016 & Beyond

Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up!

We had the privilege to return to see how the businesses of several of the women we trained last year (certificate of completion earners) are doing. Not only were we all so happy to see each other again, it was a joy to hear how their businesses have been positively impacted by what they learned. All of the women pictured received microfinance from Partners for Change after completing the training. We heard stories of expansion, successful business pivots, and successful application of sales tactics.

First CHES Port-au-Prince Event - Thanks to Maryse!

We hosted our first official event in Petion-ville, Port-au-Prince by-way of the generosity of Maryse Pénette-Kedar. Maryse is one of Haiti's extraordinary leaders who has served as the country's ambassador and minister of tourism. She is the founder of PRODEV, an organization focused on quality education that has a collection of model schools in Haiti. Her passion for quality education is inspiring.  Read Maryse's recent interview with one of Haiti's premiere publishers regarding her views on the role that education plays in the development of Haiti. 

Maryse opened her home and hosted a cocktail event for CHES on July 4th where we mingled with over 20 of Haiti's dynamic change-makers. CHES board members shared our work, our mission and vision with those present. 

We had a blast! We are so honored and humbled by this blessing. 

More Highlights from Our Trip

SAPEN S.A. Visit with Gabrielle Aurel

We had the privilege of visiting Northern Haiti's only poultry slaughter house. Those living in this region now have the option of natural and safe poultry products as opposed to imported poultry products, the only option prior to the open of SAPEN S.A. 

Gabby demonstrated her support of our work by attending much of our Cap-Haïtien training. She also encouraged and advised us. See  more pictures from our visit here.

Bijou Lakay Visit

It's always great to see Daphne Floreal, an inspiring business woman, who supplies CHES with the handmade Haitian bullhorn bracelets that many of you have purchased. We perused Bijou Lakay's latest collection of jewelry that has graced fashion events all over the world including Milan, Italy. We brought some back! Contact us if you want something. They are going fast.

Gourmet Lunch with Celebrity Chef David Destinoble

We were spoiled by Chef David Destinoble who prepared us a four-course gourmet meal at Haiti's culinary headquarters in Port-au-Prince! 95% of our treat were organic produce from his farm in Haiti. What a nice reward after some serious hard work. Chef David will be in Boston for a CHES culinary event in 2017. Stay tuned! If you would like to catch him sooner, he will be in New York City this weekend. See here for more details.

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