You and Your Soul
YPL Taurus Posting 

"Now I lay me down to sleep

and pray the Lord my Soul to keep.

If I should die before I awake,

I pray the Lord my Soul to take."


This is a prayer I learned as a boy and it might be familiar to some of you.

 But, what is your Soul and how do you relate to it?

 To fully understand the meaning of the Soul or, as some refer to it, Spirit or Higher Self, requires the acceptance of two concepts...that there are other dimensions than this one (which even science seems to accept, now) and that humans reincarnate (which well over a billion people accept). 


The Soul might, then, be best described as the other-dimensional Being from which one emanates for the purpose of working out aspects of its development that are necessary in the pursuit of its ultimate destiny. 


Your relation to your Soul is the optimum model for employee/management respect and co-dependency.  The Soul can be thought of as the "boss," setting ones incarnation in motion.  But, as humans, we are given free rein to create a distinct personality while interacting with the obstacles presented to us on this 3D plane.  We can, therefore, repair, enhance or sabotage the karma that has been accumulated since our Soul's creation.  


So, for a positive outcome, you and your Soul need to work together. 


The problem is that most people are unaware they even have a Soul or, if they are, don't know how to relate to it.  How does one become enlightened in this regard?  How does one get to know one's Soul?


Since the dawn of humankind, societies have been formed with some degree of an ethical foundation in the attempt to tame our primal savagery and the best of these have, gradually, moved us toward enlightenment...the point where we give up the fear of losing our ego and our selfishness as we step into the All. 


It is not flattery to say that the fact you are reading this posting means you, being the incarnation of an advanced soul, are someone who thinks about these questions and searches for answers.


So, here are some suggested aids...


The practice of Meditation...and I emphasize "practice"...can put you directly in touch with your Soul.  And, Past Life Regression can open you to the experiences of previous incarnations...your Soul-line as opposed to your bloodline.  It can, also, show you there is nothing to fear in going through a death experience and can unmask issues that seem to repeat from life-to-life and need to be resolved, in order to move ahead more smoothly.


Your life is a gift from your Soul.  And, your Soul strongly desires that you live it, successfully.  It, also, wants to commune with you, when and if you wish.  Moreover, because it is dependent on you, it is always with you.  So, if nothing else, realize you are never truly alone.


If you would like to discuss the above or need help with your journey, let me know.  I have added Soul Connectivity to my practice.


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