August 11, 2017
You can own Alabama's first bourbon

Bid on "the absolute first bottle of the absolute first barrel of bourbon distilled in Alabama" at this year's wine and spirits auction at Pro Hops Vino! on Thursday, September 21st, at the Negro Southern League Museum.

Buy your ticket today by clicking  here to not only participate in the auction but also to try  nine fine wines from Alabama Crown Distributing Co., food from the finest local restaurants, and craft beer . Big Escambia Spirits, the distiller of Alabama's first bourbon, will also be offering tastings of their CRU Rum.

The bottle of bourbon up for auction will be notable for more than just its historic nature, said Seth Dettling, the owner of Big Escambia. Based in Atmore, Big Escambia is one of the very few distilleries in the country that grows the corn that ultimately becomes its bourbon.
Seth Dettling , owner of Big Escambia Spirits, is providing the first bottle of his Alabama-distilled bourbon for auction at Pro Hops Vino! Photo by Matthew Coughlin .

          "We are one of the handful of true field to bottle distilleries," Dettling said. "There's maybe a dozen, a dozen and a half out of 2000 distilleries ... So our process is part of what differentiates us." 

          Another equally important differentiating factor is the quality of the bourbon's other ingredients.  "The vast majority of bourbons and whiskey in the United States are made using essentially horse feed: massive quantities, trainloads of bulk grain blasted in every day, mass distilled as fast they can churn and burn," he added. But not at Big Escambia: "We took expensive, very detailed craft grains from the brewing world, and we're using these expensive, fantastic, beautiful ingredients to make bourbon. We have malts roasted to different degree, oats, beautiful ryes that you can just eat like a granola bar. So when you taste this bourbon, it's night and day different from the factory juice."

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Following a 2009 divorce, this client was awarded primary custody of her children, while her ex-husband was granted specific visitation rights. In May, the client's ex-husband took the children to stay with him and has not returned them. He has withdrawn the children from their school and enrolled them in Gardendale, where he lives. The client has already filed a police report against her ex-husband for kidnapping her children. Please help her bring her children home.


2. Please help this abused mother through her divorce

This client has fled her home with her son to protect them from retaliation from her husband, against whom she has already filed multiple charges for domestic abuse. Help this client rebuild her life and secure her son's safety by assisting her with her divorce.


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Earlier this month, the National LGBT Bar Association awarded BBVLP Board Member  Heather Fann the Leading Practitioner Award for her work defending the legal rights of members of the LGBT community. Fann filed a lawsuit of behalf an Alabama mother whose adoption of her three children was not recognized by the state of Alabama due to her sexual orientation, ultimately taking the case before the Supreme Court of the United States, where the Justices unanimously ruled in the mother's favor.
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