London and Lexi

London and Lexi

Kindness and Compassion

Shadow enjoys a Halloween treat-filled pumpkin.

Sierra cools off with a clamsicle.

A Life Worth Living

We'd like to tell you some stories of the many ways that your contribution gives Wolf Haven the means to rescue captive-born wolves AND provide the compassionate care and enrichment they need to thrive in a captive environment.
A lover of food

Caedus relishes his food.
Caedus relishes his food.
One of the most popular animals at Wolf Haven is Caedus, a male wolfdog. He relishes his food and recently had an anxious moment. A chunk of meat bounced off his nose and landed in his water bucket. Before animal care staff could fish it out, Caedus was frantically bobbing his nose and mouth in and out of the bucket, trying to retrieve the morsel. Finally he plunged his entire head into the water and ......success! He came up with a mouthful of meat. 

Lakota (front) with his companion Sierra.
From aggression to play

Lakota was purchased in Washington State by a local backyard breeder who wanted to use him as a breeding male. He spent the first 2 ½ years of his life in a small kennel with a concrete floor, plywood over the top and very little light. When Wolf Haven rescued him from euthanasia by his owner in 2013, Lakota displayed a lot of aggressive behavior, lunging and growling. You wouldn't believe he is the same wolf if you saw him today, playing tag with his enclosure mate Sierra or splashing water in his tub. 

Kindness and compassion lead to healing

  It is amazing what a little kindness and compassion can do in a very short amount of time. While Lakota seems "happy" to see us, we respect him for what he is - a wolf. As such, one of the best gifts we can give him is the gift of just "being".
Your gift to Wolf Haven is really a gift to the wolves that live here and call Wolf Haven home.

And on their behalf, we thank you.

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