The medical personnel who met the helicopter at Sacred Heart were waiting for one thing: the platelets to arrive. Amy Packard, pregnant with her first and only child, had just been
diagnosed with HELPP, a rare and sometimes fatal disease for which the only effective treatment is to deliver the baby as soon as possible. The doctor told Amy's husband John to call their relatives. They needed to come to the hospital prepared to say goodbye to Amy, to the baby, maybe both.

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New Arrival!

LifeSaver 5, INBC's newest bloodmobile fleet addition has arrived in Spokane! Custom-made
LifeSaver 5 was funded by generous donations to the Blood Center Foundation of the Inland Northwest!
in North Carolina, this coach is getting decked-out with blood donation technology and will hit the roads of eastern Washington and north Idaho six days per week. Watch for blood drives in your community hosted on LifeSaver 5, made possible by the donors to our Build Your Bloodmobile Campaign!

Giving Tuesday
Black Friday? Check!
Small Business Saturday? Check!
Cyber Monday? Check!
Giving Tuesday? Please support our life-saving mission when you give today and throughout
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Happy Birthday!
November marks the fourth birthday of the Blood Center Foundation of the Inland Northwest!  In four years we have gone from a good idea to a force in raising and investing
BCFIN turns 4 in November!
funds in the name of all Inland Northwest Blood Center donors, volunteers and employees. We have granted over $360,000 to 33 organizations, led the Build Your Bloodmobile Campaign to fund LifeSaver 5 and have supported INBC's Epicurean Delight with fundraising and cost-cutting efforts to grow proceeds. 

Our mission-focused work is all about partnerships and relationships.  For those of you who walk with us on this journey of giving, I offer my sincere, grateful thanks!

Best regards,

Loreen McFaul
Executive Director