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Paul Messink is coming to Harmony! 
(There are only two places left)

Thursday to Sunday, September 7th to 10th, 2017 
9:30 am - 4:00 pm each day 
Tuition of $850 includes all supplies and firings
Pines at Sunset by Paul Messink
Pines at Sunset by Paul Messink

Harmony is proud to offer another opportunity to learn from an internationally-acclaimed
visiting artist.  Paul Messink is coming to Harmony to teach his glass painting and fusing techniques, combining traditional Reusche with modern vibrant enamels.  Using clear glass, Paul paints layers so that genuine
depth is achieved.

Paul uses these skills to create unique compositions in multi-layered glass  panels that present nature in deep dimension. 

In his own words,  "My goal is to draw the viewer into the work of art,
transforming a painting (an historically 2D art form) into something more.
My outdoor subjects often recede into a foggy distance, creating an
ethereal, almost ghostly effect. 

Each student will make at least four and up to six projects in class.  The dimensional projects will be six layers thick to create depth.  Paul will teach layering,
diminishing size and color, texture, and translucence.

Autumn Carpet by Paul Messink
Autumn Carpet by Paul Messink
Around the Bend by Paul Messink
Around the Bend by Paul Messink
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For more information about Paul's extraordinary work, visit his website: 
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We have lots of great classes coming up! Click on a link below to zoom to your favorite, or scroll down to view them all!
Raising Cane Plate
Hip To Be Square!
Faultline Mosaic
Lead Came
Wildflower Whimsies
SG Boot Camp
Intermediate Class
Ceramic Texture Molds
Beg. Stained Glass
Learn to Cut

Raising Cane Plate 
$49 Includes All Supplies (up to $25)
Wednesday, May 31  from 6:30 to 8pm
No Experience Required! 
Raising Cane in Blue Raising Cane in White  
You can create fused glass plates that look like expensive artwork!
We'll use pre-made twisted "cane" to get that rich and exclusive ribbon that runs  
through your plate.   You can choose simplicity or complexity.
These plates are full-sized 8" x 10".
Since it's a NO EXPERIENCE class, you can bring a friend or your MOM! 
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Hip to be Square!  
$49 Includes All Supplies (up to $25)
Wednesday, June 7 from 6:30 to 8pm 
No Experience Required! 

Hip to be Square - Cool Colors
Mounted in a Purchased 8" Frame
Hip to be Square - Warm Colors
Hang it Un-Framed on the Diagonal

Pick your colors and have some fun!  You don't need any experience to create a lively
wall hanging for your home or gift-giving!  You can bring a friend or gift a class for you and Mom for a Mother's Day she won't forget!

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Faultline Glass-on-Glass Mosaic 
$39 plus supplies
Saturday, June 3 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm 
Glass Cutting Experience Required 

  Create a unique, framed circular glass on glass mosaic of your own design!
Students will learn to cut a glass circle as the basis for their original glass on glass
mosaic artwork.  Create your pattern and choose glass cabochons and other decorative elements to highlight your design! You will learn to assemble and frame your artwork. Finished pieces are suitable for display in a stand or hanging in a window.
Grouting instructions will be discussed for grouting at home. 
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Lead Came Class
$95 plus supplies
Two Sundays, June 4 from 12:00 to 6:00 pm and June 11 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm 
Glass Cutting & Fitting Proficiency is a Prerequisite for this Class
Building Lead Came  
We call lead came the "Technique of Professionals". 
When someone comes into the store for a commission window, we'll usually be building it in lead came.  Take your stained glass skill set to the next level and learn this traditional construction method.  Your glass pieces need to be cut and ground to fit before the day of class.  We will then introduce your to the specialized tools and techniques of leading! 
You must visit Harmony prior to class have your pattern approved. 
All glass needs to be cut and fitted prior to the first day of class.

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Wildflower Whimsies
$44 includes everything for three Whimsies 
Friday, June 9 from 6:30 to 8pm 
  No Experience Necessary
Wildflower Whimsies
It's fun!  It's easy! 
It's a great way to get exposure to glass fusing with no previous experience.
They can hang in a window or on a wall.
We have several designs that you can copy or you can create your own art.
Bring a friend or bring your Mom.  We guarantee that you'll have fun.

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Stained Glass Boot Camp    
$135 Tuition Plus Approximately $150 for Supplies
This class is a two-week session.
Saturday, June 10 AND Saturday, June 17  from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 
No Experience Required!

  Please visit Harmony prior to class to pick your pattern and glass. 
Your pattern must be prepared before the first day of class.
We will show you how! 
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Intermediate Stained Glass
$120 tuition
Next Full Session begins Tuesday, June 27 through August 22 from 6:30 - 9:00 pm 
(Class meets once a week for eight weeks - No makeup sessions)
OR Stop By for a One-Time Drop-In Session for $25 
Previous Training in Your Technique is a Prerequisite for This Class

Our Intermediate Stained Glass Class is an ongoing Tuesday evening class scheduled in 8-week sessions.  Drop-In visits are available - cost for a single class visit is $25.

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Ceramic Texture Tiles and Custom Molds
$95 tuition plus $112 for supplies to take home 
Saturday, July 8 from 10am to 5pm 
  No Experience Necessary  
Creating Texture Plates and Molds Creating Custom Texture Plates
What's worse?  Paying $40 for a texture mold that looks just like your friend's mold? Paying $40 for a texture mold that's only 7" when your slumping mold is 11" ?
It's time to break out of the mass-produced texture mold cage.
Deborah Ellington has been teaching clay and ceramics for decades.  She is totally qualified to take glass people and turn us into productive and successful mold makers.
The molds shown above were made in two hours and I didn't even plan ahead to get
some things to help me create unique molds.

In this class, you'll build your own clay board, you'll use a large rolling pin and you'll have access to a variety of tools for texturing.  When the class is over, you'll take most of these tools home with you so that you can do it again!  We are eager for you to be successful and create one-of-a-kind artwork so that you can break out of the "mold".

Oh, by the way, we'll be making slump molds too!

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Beginning Stained Glass   
$110 Tuition Plus Approximately $150 for Supplies
This class is a five-week session, beginning
Thursday, July 27
from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm  OR  from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

No Experience Required!
Beginning Stained Glass
Stained Glass has been a cherished art form for more than 1000 years. 
Prior to the invention of tools that make it easy for modern artisans, apprentices
trained under proficient craftsmen to learn the trade.

In the 21st century, up-to-date tools make it easy to learn the rewarding craft of
stained glass.  During this hands-on class, you will learn all the skills necessary to complete a stained glass panel using the copper foil technique that was developed by
Louis Comfort Tiffany.  Each student will complete a  9" x 14" panel, including framing with a rigid metal border.  Every class session is filled with fun as you learn to select glass,
cut & fit it, foil, solder, frame and polish your artwork.

Please visit harmony prior to class to pick and prepare your pattern. 
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Learn to Cut Glass   
$35 tuition
Thursday, July 27
from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm  OR  from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
No Experience Required!
Once you learn glass cutting, it opens the doors to all the things you can do at Harmony.  Fusing, mosaics and stained glass all start with this class.  If you have cut glass
before and your skills are rusty, or the glass just won't do what you want it to,
this class is a perfect refresher course.

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Harmony Stained Glass Offers Pattern Development &
Custom Design Services Using Glass Eye Software  

Have a great idea for a piece of glass artwork but need
help developing the design?

  Harmony is now providing personalized pattern development, custom design services, and glass selection consultations.  We can help you realize the vision in your mind and take you from your dream to glass reality!

We can create an entirely original design based on your ideas, adapt an existing

design to your specifications, combine multiple existing designs or any combination
of these.  Creating glass art is an exciting and satisfying process.  See how much you enjoy it when you are partnering with
Harmony staff to create a unique vision!

Pattern re-design fees are $12 per hour
Full Custom Design services are individually quoted based on the project.

Harmony staff retains the copyright to all artwork.


It's never rainy, cloudy or cold at Harmony Stained Glass!  It's always cheerful and bright.  We have a fabulous workspace with sturdy tables and great lighting.  Supplies are right at hand, and the company of other glassworkers is always rewarding.

You can come in to work on those UFOs (Un-Finished Objects).  It's a good place to grout those mosaic projects that won't finish themselves. (Drat!)

If you've completed beginning stained glass, you can work here for the low-low price of only $5 per hour.  After you pay for four hours, the rest of the day is FREE!

Harmony also offers Gift Certificates, Gift Registries and Custom Classes for small groups.  Birthday Parties, Friends' Night Out, Team-Building Events are all great experiences at Harmony Stained Glass!

Thank you for supporting us with your business.   
When you support your local stained glass store, we can support you and your craft.  When you do business locally, we can continue to provide a place for fun and learning as well as the community that we all enjoy. 


THE FINE PRINT - These terms apply to all classes at Harmony Stained Glass.

As a courtesy to others, please read and comply.


1. Your class will start on time. Please be on time and prepared.

2. Please put your phone on silent so that it won't disrupt the class.

3. Payment is required when you register for a class. When you register, we reserve that space and purchase supplies for you.  If you need to cancel, we need at least 7 days advance notice. With 7 days notice, you will receive store credit for your tuition.  

Otherwise, you will forfeit the tuition.

Classes with guest artists are never refundable in any manner.

4. In the event of class cancellation, you will receive a full refund.

5. By registering for class, participants give permission for Harmony Stained Glass to use photographs which may include their image or artwork.

6.  Everyone who is present for a class needs to be enrolled in that class.   

7.  If the class is "plus supplies", only supplies purchased AT HARMONY are permitted. 

8. Our primary goal is for you to have a good time!


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