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You are Invited!
Join us! for a beautiful experience of global communion and cosmic connection
Opening to New Patterns of Love
a lightworker collective event
Saturday, April 6
11:00 am pacific time
or via mp3 at YOUR perfect time!



We're in a new pattern of energy, acclimating to the New Firmament and the emerging experience of the New Reality. Supported by the March Equinox and the recent powerful Full Moon, we are now integrating the new potentials for Earth and each of us discovering our way of relating to this newness.


For each of us to come into consistent resonance with the 5th dimensional energies we need to cultivate certain shifts in our own life. The more we release belief systems, the more we can open to the potential of the new realitie. This is an ongoing experience of infinite expansion, opening more and more to our full presence as love. 


During this event we will look at how the ego and emotions can be triggered, and continually re-route us into the pain of illusion and how to interrupt these patterns and re-program our experience, creating new patterns of love. 


If you find yourself knowing the New Reality is present, yet unable yet to sustain a connection to that frequency this event will support you in deepening your shift into True Being as presence. 


If you're feeling the New Reality more and more and wish to amplify your presence and support our collective embodiment, this event is an opportunity to share.


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You'll also find an overview of the Energy Themes for April through June and a full calendar of all group events, programs, workshops and retreats. 


Please join us -- either live, or through listening and focusing on the event at your own perfect time. I'd love to share this with you.


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