An Epic Session
Knowing how to get things done in Annapolis is critical. Most Senators and Delegates get about 25% of bills they ask for, and maybe $150,000 of Capital Projects. I tripled that on both counts.

                                        No New Taxes!
Local Wins
The Delegation got 18 out of 18 bills we wanted for St. Mary's County. That includes the Debt Package Deal. At the same time we gave the Commissioners the $26 million bond authority they requested, we passed the most conservative credit limit in the State, and made MetCom a priority.

St. Mary's got $4.7 million more funding from the state, and we got major Capital Projects like:
- $100,000 for St. Clements Island
- $250,000 for Autonomy Center at the Airport  
- $500,000 for the Dove at St. Mary's City
- $10,000,000 for a building at St. Mary's College

The Calvert delegation got 3 of 5 local bills, including new bonding authority. 
Calvert County funding stayed level, but we got $17 million for Capital Projects, like Northern High School.
State Wins
No New Taxes, 3rd year in a row!

The Governor's disciplined spending meant no new taxes, which means many more jobs for Maryland. The Governor pursued an aggressive agenda this year and came away with some big wins for all of us.

Five of my other bills that passed touched on State-wide issues like crabbing, youth sports, and veteran businesses.
20 of my bills passed in one form or another. The 7 that did not will come back next year after being revised over the interim.  
Big Fights - Big Wins
The Budget held spending almost the same, the lowest growth in years, y et record spending on Education. That's leadership, and why we've grown over 100,000 new jobs. 

No New Taxes . 'nuf said.

We either killed or watered down every extreme attack on your Constitutional Rights.

The Road Kill Bill was radically amended; every road project will proceed as promised. 

'Sanctuary State' died of natural causes, but that will be back next year in some new form. 

Opioid Crisis Response
The Governor's Declaration of the Opioid Crisis was followed by the most impressive legislation in our Nation, with SB967, SB1060 and HB1432. Maryland created an integrated strategy to curb prescriptions, educate students to prevent addiction, plus expand drug courts and treatment.

I worked hard for you this session, and in spite of the #TrumperTantrums you heard about this really was an epic win - for you, and for Maryland. You won locally, you won State-wide, and you won Nationally. Maryland is leading the Nation in a few important ways (other than just Gerrymandering), and we'll be going back next year to keep up the good fight.

Keep the Faith,

Senator Steve Waugh
Senator Steve Waugh