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Shriners Cigars
2017/18 Marketplace
Be sure to visit the Daytona Beach 2017 & 2018 booth in the Market Place.  Shirts and caps will be available.
June 2016
One of the greatest parts of putting on an Imperial Session is working alongside of all our counterparts. Together we can have a wonderful time in Daytona Beach. 

Please plan to attend the reception put on by the Daytona Beach CVB on  Sunday, July 3rd in Tampa. (see the included invitation). Let's all celebrate together.  See you soon!

With warmest regards,
Gary and Anne
Shriners Imperial Session 2017-18 | 352-205-0114 | bobwagner@embarqmail.com | http://www.imperial2017.com/
2300 Pembrook Dr.
Orlando, FL 32810