November 3, 2017 eBrief

Tarackia Barge saves 91- year-old from swindler  
Tarackia Barge, Barge Law, helped a ninety-one-year-old divorce his wife of one day who married him for money. "I was tricked into marrying her and did not know it was a marriage ceremony," the low-income client said. "I appreciate Ms. Barge getting me out of this."
IDJeff Dummier: Rock star with homeless clients

Jeff Dummier helped three homeless clients, two from Project Homeless Connect and a third who is a disabled National Guard veteran, resolve old court fines so they could obtain IDs. The clients were "amazed" that Jeff took the time to help them and said they "cannot thank (Jeff) enough."
MileJames Gibson helps widow in sad situation

James Gibson, Lightfoot Franklin, helped a widow, whose only son passed away suddenly, file a Petition for Summary Distribution so she could access her son's bank account. "Attorney Gibson was more than willing to go the extra mile," the client said.
Abandoned client helped by Brad Green

Brad Green, King Green & Dobson, obtained a divorce for a low-income UAB medical assistant whose husband abandoned her and their 13-year-old son. The client said Brad was " very efficient and professional."
Melinda Guillaume gets clean start for maid

Melinda Guillaume obtained a divorce for a part-time maid on social security who was separated for eight years but could not afford legal help. "I give her a 100," the client said of Melinda. "I am so relieved it is finally over."
SpeakingLoring Jones gets veteran's apartment fixed

Loring Jones negotiated a settlement with a disabled veteran's landlord which resulted in the landlord making repairs. "Until Mr. Jones stepped in, the landlord would not even talk to me," the vet said.
Debra Krotzer provides peace of mind

Debra Krotzer, Carr Allison, helped a client whose sister suffered from mental illness obtain a Power of Attorney. The client originally wanted a guardianship but Debra talked through the options. The client was happy because "Ms. Krotzer took the time to explain the process to me."
John Milledge helps cancer victim

John Milledge obtained a divorce for a low-income father with a daughter incapacitated with Rett syndrome whose wife abandoned him when she learned he had prostate cancer.  This "was something I desperately needed and would not have gotten without (John)," the client said.
Lisa Robinson saves woman from more abuse

Lisa Robinson obtained a divorce for a woman whose husband broke her leg and abused her since she was 15-years-old. "Ms. Robinson always answered my questions so I felt in control of my case," the client said. "I am glad it is over."
Tim Smith helps domestic violence victim

J. Timothy Smith obtained a divorce for a domestic violence victim he first met while volunteering at the Domestic Relations Help Desk. The client said Tim was "amazing" because "he walked me step-by-step through the process."
Sarah Yates gets client her settlement

Sarah Yates, Bressler, helped a low-income mom of three access a settlement that was in her deceased dad's name.  
Attorneys Needed for these Clients
Retired Army veteran, who is sober, wants to get his ID to get a better job. He has fines from old DUIs on his record that he cannot pay. 
Father of two racked with cancer and medical debt needs a bankruptcy.
I can help

We need two attorneys to make a difference in these women's lives. We can help even if this is your first domestic relations case. Both women need divorces from incarcerated spouses.
You can be on TV!

The BBVLP is seeking 4 attorneys to be on television THIS TUESDAY from 5 to 7 p.m. on ABC 33/40.  

You will be part of a phone bank for low-income clients on Tenant Rights. The phone bank is moderated by Reporter
Cynthia Gould and is part of her Fighting for You segment. 

You will have the chance to be on television and on 33/40's Facebook page. 

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Thank you volunteers
Thank you Domestic Relations Help Desk volunteers: 
Rae Bolton, LSA, 
Alan Garner, Melinda Guillaume, Kathryn Henry, Zwiebel Law, (pictured with client), and  Susan McAlister, 5 Points Law.

Great job Civil Help Desk volunteers:  Alan Garner, Leon Johnson, Priscilla Kelley, Preston Neel, Bradley, 
Lance Parmer, Cabaniss Johnston,  Honza Prchal, Heninger Garrison,  Donnie Winningham , Bressler, and
David Webster, LSA.