Special Shout Out to our Younger ADAA Community!
O ve r the last few months ADAA has been honored to receive emails and calls from young people throughout the country who have initiated awareness campaigns about anxiety and depression and related disorders through their schools and volunteer organizations. 
We invite you to read some of these inspiring stories and to share them with others:
We are so proud of the walks, videos, presentations, and fundraising campaigns that these young people have worked so hard on developing and promoting. They are changing lives! 
Have a project or campaign you would like ADAA to share with our community this month? Please email us!
ADAA Extends Its
 Global Reach
Recursos En Español
ADAA ha lanzado nuevos recursos para personas que hablan el español y profesionales que trabajan con la comunidad latina. ADDA launched its first Spanish language website page this month. The page includes all of the Spanish-language resources that are currently available on the ADAA website. We hope to greatly expand our Spanish offerings over the next year.  A warm "gracias" to Julia Gallegos Guajardo from the Universidad de Monterrey and Kaylie Patrick from Harvard for their work on translating the content of the website and for translating two ADAA brochures.  View/download the brochures.

ADAA also extends a big thank you to Meru Health who graciously volunteered to translate the Anxiety and Depression brochure into Finnish! A big thank you to Ms Marianne Heikkala and Kristian Ranta of Meru Health for the translation. Download/read the brochure here.
New ADAA Blog Posts

Check out these new ADAA blog posts. All ADAA blog posts are now comments enabled so you can share your thoughts and share posts with others!
Glow Again Depression Fundraiser
After a couple meetings of brainstorming about 24 students in the two year Health Tech Preparatory program at Junior Lake High School in Stark County Ohio) came up with the idea to do a glow in the dark depression awareness walk around our high school stadium and track called "Glow Again." We decided to call it glow again because by the end of the event, we wanted those struggling with depression to be "glowing" and those who haven't struggled to stand with the others to "glow."  Read more.
It's Almost Father's Day! Why not buy dad a special gift on Amazon and support ADAA at the same time.  Its a simple and automatic way for you to support ADAA every time you shop - at no cost to you.  Learn more here .
ADAA Self-Help Books Now Available in Kindl

Facing Panic: 
Self-Help for People With Panic Attacks 

Triumph Over Shyness: 
Conquering S ocial Anxiety Disorder  
Mental Health Awareness Month
May was Mental Health Awareness Month. ADAA was proud to participate in raising awareness by hosting a live online event on our peer to peer support group . You can view the transcript of questions and answers here.  ADAA also shared articles, new blog posts and personal stories of triumph as well as resources and information from partner agencies. 

Together we helped raise awareness and educate the public about mental illness; the realities of living with these conditions; and strategies for attaining mental health and wellness.  Read ADAA member Nina Rifkind, LSCW, ASC blog post about why mental health awareness should be year round.
A special thank you to all those who "answered the call" and donated so generously to ADAA. Your gift enables us to provide free resources to all those who turn to us for education, treatment options and help. 
#mentalhealthawareness  #breakthestigma  
May 2017
Suicide Prevention 
People who are considering suicide often exhibit one or more warning signs, either through what they say or do. The more warning signs, the greater the risk.  ADAA partners with  American Foundation for Suicide Prevention  (AFSP) to offer helpful guides and resources to identify warning signs and to take action. In addition, ADAA also recently collaborated with  SAVE on a new infographic to help someone who might be suicidal.  Click here to view/download a full-sized version   of this infographic. Learn more about suicide prevention by visiting  ADAA's

ADAA Free Webinars
Didn't catch the last few ADAA webinars? Interested in learning more about a particular topic? ADAA offers webinars on a wide variety of anxiety, depression and related disorders. They are all pre-recorded and can be watched at your leisure!

Have a webinar topic suggestion? Please let us know.

Kayleigh's Story
I have battled more at the age of 25 than most humans do in a lifetime. Take a moment to think of the most dreadfully painful experience you have had - I can empathize with you. In my life, I have overcome two near death experiences. One at the age of 11 which left me in a coma, the other at 21 where I was fighting against a collapsed lung and losing a lot of blood. My suffering has not only been painful physically but mentally. 
Each month ADAA will feature a thank you note, or a personal story of triumph. We invite you to share your own story with us or share how ADAA has helped you or a loved one.  Share your story
ADAA in the News
ADAA resources, programs and initiatives as well as many ADAA member experts are frequently quoted/highlighted in national/international news platforms. We invite you to  browse through current articles .

Recent Articles:  
Search ADAA's Find a Therapist online directory (all professional members of ADAA). 

Have questions about how to choose the right therapist for you? Check out ADAA's Choosing a Therapist website page.

ADAA now offers a listing of all members who provide telemental health . Check back frequently as more members are added daily.  
Check out ADAA's mental health app review website page.  New app reviews are added frequently.
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