July 2017 
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"We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it's our garden that is really nurturing us."  Jenny Uglow
Partnerships are a lot like gardens!  Our clients entrust Spartan Recoveries with their subrogation claims, as a valued partner, they feed us opportunities which sustain our growth!  When Spartan receives these claims, whether by Referral, First Notice of Loss, Closed File Review or Arbitration Project we cultivate, develop and nourish each claim by investigating and aggressively pursuing recovery, so in effect, Spartan in turn is nurturing and growing each client's bottom line.
As always, we look forward to our continued partnership in supporting your organization and your subrogation initiatives for the remainder of 2017. Please let us know if we can provide you with any information or service that will help you and your team achieve your recovery goals!
Spartan wishes each and every client a wonderful and glorious summer filled with fun, laughter, good barbecues and growing recoveries.


Kathleen Smith CSRP
Spartan Recoveries LLC
Subro Awareness

This section of our newsletter is dedicated to sharing tips that can elevate awareness of subrogation  opportunities along with practices that can lead to higher recovery dollars.

Damage Disputes
Arbitration continues to be a hot subject among our client readers.  We have begun tracking the cases submitted for damages disputes which have escalated quite a bit over the last few years.  We are frequently confronted by adverse carriers deducting a small amount from the Demand submitted, based on new tools they use to review appraisals. In these instances the adverse carriers are not calling to discuss the reduction, but rather sending a drop check for the amount they feel is fair and reasonable.

Unfortunately in most instances we disagree with their assessment and immediately contact the adverse carrier representative to discuss an amicable resolution. In some cases this is possible, in others we must resort to filing arbitration to recover the balance owed.  While many of our arbitration submissions are successful, others are not. Spartan feels strongly that this recent unreasonable practice is costing our clients both on recovery dollars and expense dollars as well, relative to filing arbitration.

To date we have established that in many instances the adverse carrier has not provided us with the evidence to justify the reduction(s).  Per Arbitration Forums, in these damage disputes scenarios it is our responsibility as Applicant to explain and support the repairs which can be accomplished with adjuster and estimate notes.  Detailed photos are also helpful.  It is the responsibility of the Respondent to provide specific evidence to support the availability of less expensive parts including the date, description, cost and location relative to the repair shop's location.  In addition, our client appraisers are not bound by the adverse carrier's estimating guidelines.

To this end, please be assured that Spartan is making every effort to explore and oppose unjust reductions to your claims, and is putting together a repository of information which we hope to present to the State Insurance Department.

Spartan on the Move

We are delighted to announce Spartan will be moving to a larger office in late August!  Our new home will be at 25 Orville Drive, Bohemia NY, just a short distance from our current location.  It will have more than adequate room for our growing staff.  Thank you for your continued support and making our growth possible!

Subro Professionals Day 2017

The National Association of Subrogation Professionals celebrated its 5th annual Subrogation Professionals Day on Wednesday, June 28th to highlight the contributions Subrogators  make to the insurance industry.  We hope you had the opportunity to thank your subro colleagues and tell everyone why subrogation is so important! 

The Spartan Team celebrated with a tour of the Great South Bay aboard the Lauren Kristy, a turn of the century style riverboat.

We had a great time and the weather was perfect!  Did you celebrate?
Spartan Celebrates National Subro Professionals Day 2017

Product Recalls 

Hyundai, Kia recalling 1.2M vehicles for possible engine failure increasing risk of crash:  Link

Bosch Solar Services Recalls Solar Panels Due To Fire Hazard:  Link

Polaris Recalls Ranger 900 Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles Due to Fire and Burn Hazards:  Link

Food Dehydrators Recalled by Greenfield World Trade Due to Fire and Burn Hazards:  Link

Horizon Hobby Recalls Remote-Controlled Model Vehicles Due to Fire Hazard: Link

Honeywell International Recalls SWIFT® Wireless Gateway Sold with Fire Alarm Systems Due To Failure to Communicate in Fire:  Link

Sportex Recalls Salt Rock Lamps Due to Shock and Fire Hazards:  Link

Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers Recalled Due to Fire Hazard; Made by Hongkong Sun Rise Trading  Link

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