April 2017 
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"The best way to predict the future is to create it" - Abraham Lincoln
The arrival of Spring brings a glimpse in to the days ahead with expectations of growth, renewal and sunnier days.   At Spartan, we have worked diligently to create recovery practices which support the future by streamlining the subrogation process, allowing us to best support the present and future financial needs of our clients. 
One example of looking ahead is the implementation of predictive analyses in the Closed File Review services we routinely conduct, which are instrumental in future recovery outcomes.  A glance at the past... reviewing claims which may have been prematurely closed may just awaken a sleeping recovery opportunity.  Performing monthly or quarterly reviews ensures no paid claim dollars are left un-recovered, which greatly contributes to future results. 
We hope Spring delivers inspiration to all of your programs, present and future.  Our feature article this month shares some insight as to how telematics may impact the future of auto subrogation.  Let us know what you think!


Kathleen Smith CSRP
Spartan Recoveries LLC
Subro Awareness

This section of our newsletter is dedicated to sharing tips that can elevate awareness of subrogation  opportunities along with practices that can lead to higher recovery dollars.

Insurance Telematics and Auto Subrogation
Recently there has been much discussion on how future adoption of telematics within the auto insurance industry might impact the overall cost of claims, speed up the claims process, improve services and enhance the customer experience.  How will the use of telematics impact the subrogation process?

Wikipedia defines telematics as an interdisciplinary field that encompasses telecommunications, vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety, electrical engineering a nd computer science.  
Telematics can provide a vast amount of vital data immediately following an accident which can allow the claims adjuster to process the claim, if they are aware of its existence, and can gain access. This data typically includes weather details, time, date and location of crash, speed and direction of travel and point of impact. Reducing the time it takes to collect the information in increments allows an adjuster to decide liability and compensability more quickly.  While the data cannot determine if a person stopped at the stop sign before proceeding into an intersection, or prove which vehicle failed to stop for a red light, much of this data is still crucial to the successful pursuit of a subrogation claim and should undoubtedly speed up the recovery process.  Having access to the data will enable the recovery specialist to make a compelling argument as to negligence of a third party and facilitate the drafting of accurate, detailed arbitration contentions with the support documentation needed.

New technologies are challenging traditional insurance business models and reshaping the auto insurance industry.  While some carriers have begun experimenting with telematics, implementation is not widespread.  Policyholder acceptance must be secured and a telematics-based system cannot be implemented overnight.  Ultimately, insurers and their policyholders will reap the financial benefits of a streamlined subrogation process, and Spartan Recoveries is excited to assist their clients in that effort.   

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