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At Pillai Center, we are delighted to invite you to participate in co-creating a new world order where every person vibrates with prosperity consciousness!

You have the exciting opportunity to take up the Global Prosperity challenge, utilize two powerful tools of prosperity given by Dr. Pillai, and consider participating in an extremely rewarding Prosperity Trip in December.

Shreem Brzee Challenge: 15 Days to Global Prosperity (Dec 6-21, 2010)

Shreem BrzeeDr. Pillai's life mission is to end hunger and poverty from earth plane. "Poverty is the disease of the soul. Poverty won't change until the state of mind changes. You should completely vibrate with an affluent source code. All this can be changed", he says.

This is your opportunity to be among the first few to start the change and catalyze a global movement of 'Prosperity for All'!

What's Shreem Brzee:

Lakshmi'Shreem' is the seed sound for Lakshmi, while 'Brzee' is the new name for Lakshmi revealed by Dr. Pillai. Together, these two sounds represent the ultimate quantum sound frequency for accumulating wealth.

Goddess Lakshmi is the archetype for wealth. The word 'Lakshmi' is derived from 'Laksh' (Sanskrit, goal), therefore her energy provides direction to help you reach your financial targets and goals.

WORLDWIDE TARGET - 18 Million 'Shreem Brzee' Chants

Your Total Target - 18 Thousand Chants
Your Daily Target - 1200 Chants

What To Do:

We invite you to commit to the 'Shreem Brzee Challenge' and chant the ultimate prosperity sound 'Shreem Brzee' a specific number of times daily, with the intention of creating a collective mindset of prosperity. Chant anytime, anywhere and anyhow by making the Challenge a part of your daily routine!

You can do so individually or in a group. Inspire your friends, family and colleagues to join you and let the huge waves of prosperity ripple across the ocean of consciousness!

Why Do Now:

The Challenge starts on Dec 6th (in your respective time zone).

This is the start of the highly potent window of time (15 waxing moon phases from New Moon to Full Moon) that is apt for performing activities that focus on material growth and expansion.

By the time the Challenge completes (Dec 21st), you would have set into motion powerful energies of prosperity that can offset the poverty mindset of the economically underprivileged lot and enable them to upgrade themselves to a higher vibrational state of abundance.

What You Get:

Imagine the joy and satisfaction of playing your part in the removal of financial sufferings of millions of fellow human beings...isn't that priceless! Pssst...and the universe grants you manifold the very thing which you pray selflessly for others to receive.

We will be providing attractive discounts on our store items for all the wonderful people who complete the Challenge successfully. Plus, you get a Secret Gift if you share your success story and it gets selected to be featured on our website.

Take the 'Shreem Brzee' Challenge

Answer Your Inner Calling!
Participate in 'Shreem Brzee Challenge' Call
Date: Sunday, Dec 5th at 10 PM ET (New York) | Convert to Your Time
Conference Dial-in Number: (323) 843-0075
Participant Access Code: 487818

Join Pillai Center teacher Jaya to know more about the Shreem Brzee Challenge. Find out how you can lead the ushering of global prosperity, and what it could mean for your life.

Shreem Brzee: Get the Power of Prosperity

Dr. Pillai has revealed powerful tools to quickly attract money, wealth and objects of luxury using 'Shreem Brzee'. We invite you to take advantage of the following:

Shreem Brzee Meditation in Dr. Pillai's Voice
Shreem BrzeeDr. Pillai teaches that your five senses are the gateways to your consciousness. The simple Shreem Brzee meditation involves Dr. Pillai chanting the sound repeatedly.

With each chant, you need to imagine the sound being spoken into your sensory organs (eyes, ears, nostrils, and tongue). This can install the energies of prosperity deep into your consciousness, so that you totally resonate with abundance.

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10,008 Shreem Brzee Proxy Sound Writing

Proxy Sound WritingOn your behalf, we will get a proxy person to write the prosperity sound 'Om Shreem Brzee' 10,008 times. Writing sounds involves focus and dedication, and the constant repetition is known to transform the sponsor's consciousness.

Note: The written sound will then be offered in a fire ritual to strengthen the benefits to you.

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Sounds of Success
"I used a quantum sound Dr. Pillai taught us, and my sales surged." ~ Ravi, Businessman

"I believe the sounds are helping to make that connection for me and the customers. It's all suddenly happening so fast!" ~ Heather, Jewelry Designer

Shreem Brzee Trip: Journey to Personal Freedom and Abundance (Dec 17-22, 2010)

"Always be around people who have abundance consciousness. Then you will know how people with abundance consciousness think. The rich dad teaches differently than the poor dad. The sound BRZEE will help you get rid of scarcity consciousness and to attract abundance", says Dr. Pillai.

This Trip is your chance to spend 5 days with 12 like-minded persons who are committed to living 'prosperity'. Take this first step towards becoming a Wealth Magnet, as the participants aim to chant the 'Shreem Brzee' sound together in a group at least 30 thousand times!

Freedom from Karmic Debts

ThiruchiraiApart from financial debts, we are also indebted to nature, divine beings, sages and our ancestors. Only when you pay off all these karmic debts that a new space can open up and you can experience the true richnessof life.

Visit the debt-dissolving energy vortex of Thirucherai in South India, a renowned powerspot where the archetypal being Siva burns your financial debts to enable you to live in freedom and abundance.

Freedom of Thought and Mind

ArunachalaThiruvannamalai is the one of the 5 powerspots in South India dedicated to elemental energies. Here, the Arunachala hill is believed to be the archetypal being Siva himself in the form of fire.

Join for a walk around the Miracle Mountain on Full Moon to empower your material desires. Moreover, the sacred walk is said to burn away bad karma of millions of lifetimes. As your egoistic mind dissolves, you can begin to experience a rare kind of mental serenity and clarity.

Freedom to Attract Wealth

LakshmiStep into the inner sanctum of the energy vortexes of Goddess Lakshmi and get to perform esoteric wealth attraction rituals to completely rewire your wealth consciousness.

As a BONUS, you will get to participate in a grand fire ritual (Dr. Pillai calls it as shortcut to making money) for the prosperity archetypes Lakshmi and Kubera.

This Trip is designed to bring about a revolutionary shift in your financial consciousness as we enter 2011. You will be guided by Pillai Center teacher Mohini, who has been leading Dr. Pillai's powerspot trips for the last 17 years.

Wouldn't you like to enjoy the total freedom to be who you want to be, with access to all the inner keys for unlocking the secrets of abundance? There are only 12 spots on this life-transforming Trip, so act now to book your space.

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Shreem Brzee Miracles

Shreem Brzee Miracles

Enter the domain of miracles. Soak in the amazing success stories from across the world.

Thank You Master!

We express our gratitude to Vishwamitra (whose name means Friend of the World) - a great saint who spent countless number of years in meditation for empowering and infusing the mantra 'Brzee' with vast energies of wealth attraction and financial abundance.

Shortcut to Abundance!

Dr. Pillai

1-day Special Intensive with Dr. Pillai (based on Mind-Sound Technology)

Learn powerful tools and techniques to manifest wealth effortlessly.

4 Dec 2010, 9 AM - 5 PM
Trader's Hotel, Singapore

'SIX' Perfect Power Package

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Vibrate with Muruga's Victory Consciousness!

* 6 Quantum Sounds of Success
* 6 Recordings of Muruga Teachings by Dr. Pillai
* FREE Audios and FREE 6th Moon Ritual

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