Monday, February 19, 2018, Florida Cultural Alliance
Statewide Advocacy and Information-to-Use Conference Call
Agenda and Materials
Monday, February 19, 2018, Statewide Conference Call Scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EST

Agenda and Materials Below 


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Agenda letters

Number 1
 Guest Speaker is Dr. Jim Zingale


Dr. Jim Zingale

Dr. Jim Zingale, former director of the Florida Department of Revenue, expert on Florida's budget process, and a key lobbyist for the Florida Cultural Alliance, will review the status of where we are in the development of Florida's FY 2018-2019 budget.  

1.a.  Revenue Estimating Conference Report from February 10, 2018

1.b.  Review   detailed report that shows  status of appropriation recommendations to fund
        Florida  Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) 2018-2019 qualified
        matching grants AND what is recommended 
for legislative projects and amendments
        in the Senate that also reduced funds from the 
Cultural and Museum Grants' Category.

DCA Grants-Funding Categories:
Florida SENATE Recommends as of 2-16-18:
Florida HOUSE Recommends as of 2-16-18:
Cultural and Museum Grants $203,985
would fund approximately 0.0049% of each of the 489 recommended grants
would fund approximately 24% of each of the 489 recommended grants
Culture Builds Florida Grants -0-
would fund all 134 grants
Cultural Facilities Grants
would fund all 18
Cultural Endowment Program
-0- -0-

1.c.  DCA Grants' Appropriations Reduced by Legislators:  To date, a total of $17,554,260 has been reduced under the Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs' grants' categories to fund legislative projects and/or other state projects:

Senate:  16 legislative Senate projects recommended for funding under the Cultural and Museum Grants Category by reducing the available funds for the ranked list for Cultural and Museum Grants by $9,434,260.

Senate:  5 amendments to reduce the Cultural and Museum Grants Category by another $6,310,000 to fund other non-arts/culture projects.

House:  3 legislative House projects under Cultural and Museum Grants Category that total $810,000.

House:  1 legislative project was added under Cultural Facilities for $1,000,000.

Number 2
Are you communicating with your state legislators and legislative leadership? 

Have you followed up on the Action Alerts?

Tallahassee Old New Capitols
  What is our main goal for the 2018 
Florida Legislative Session?  

RESTORE  state-appropriation investments to
fund the 658 vetted and recommended 2018-2019 Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) matching grants at their qualified-grant amounts.

Number 1
Review, learn, use, and share information to help support our requests for state-appropriation investments in these Florida  Department of
         State Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) grants' 

 a.  2018 Florida Legislative  Platform   for Arts & Culture with
      legislators & their staff members;

b.  Economic impact data (   AEP5 studies throughout Florida );
c.  Calculate your own organization's economic impact  here ;

d.  Share some key
facts about our industry;

e.    County lists of recommended 2018-2019 DCA grants
     and county-by-county list for whole state.

Number 2
Follow through NOW on the latest Action Alert that applies to your organization and/or county:

Action Alert for Cultural and Museum Grant Applicants

Action Alert for Culture Builds Florida Grant Applicants

Action Alert for Cultural Facilities Grant Applicants

Last week, some of you received specific county alerts.

Please pay attention to our Action Alerts when they arrive in your email box and follow through in a timely manner.  It 
matters to legislators and their staff when they hear from a 
number of people on specific issues.  Let them hear from you.


Number 3

Other issues to share,
discuss, know, use, do.

3.a.  Timothy Storhoff, Ph.D., Grants and Outreach Coordinator for the
        Florida Department of State will quickly review the suggested revisions
        to Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) Grants'
        Programs and Rules:

        To view the Notices and to make comments, people can use these links
        and click the "Make Comment" button. The comment period is open until
        March 2, 2018.
3.b.  National Assembly of State Arts Agencies State Revenue 2018 Report
        Florida data is highlighted for your easy reference.

3.c.  Take action now to save the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).
          History of federal appropriations for the NEA.

National Arts Advocacy Days

3.d.  Join us and other Florida arts advocates in Washington, D.C. for National
        Arts Advocacy Days scheduled for March 12 & 13, 2018.  

Many, many thanks to all of you who participated in
Arts & Culture Day in Tallahassee last month.

     Do you have announcements you want to share that impact Florida's arts, arts education, and culture industry?


Number 4
Please join us for 2018 Monthly FCA Advocacy and Information-to-Use Statewide Calls:

Please mark your calendars and plan to participate.

All calls are on Mondays from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EST: 

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Dates are subject to change, and we'll finalize on each month's statewide call the date of the next call for the following month.

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