Keep your eye and your foot on the ball this summer with four women's soccer options and our long standing coed league.  We've changed one competition to replace our 5 a side league with a new 3 v 3 competition instead.  Based on what we hope is popular demand, we're also offering a coed soccer division on Sunday.  We're also offering a women's open division on Sundays at the perfectly groomed grass fields at our complex in Bernalillo.
After Work and Sunday Coed Soccer

We offer coed soccer competition Monday through Wednesday on city fields.  Games start at 6:15 and we've changed the player rules so a player can participate every night.  We're also offering a Sunday daytime coed soccer division as well to accommodate people who can't play on weeknights.  Teams are always looking for women for their roster!
Women's Over 40 Soccer on Sunday

We're in our third year of Women's Over-40 soccer on Sunday mornings.  We play a 7 v 7 smaller field with no goalkeepers so no one has to take turns wearing the gloves.

Women's 3 v 3 Soccer on Sunday Afternoon

Small sided shrunk from 5 a side to get more teams formed.
Women's Over 30 Soccer on Thursday

Last summer we fielded 10 women's over-30 teams playing in the League.  To qualify you have to have hit your 30th birthday.  Just like weeknight coed, game time is 6:15, easy to stop off on the way home for a game and fresh air.
Women's Open Division Soccer on Sunday

We've operated a men's open division on Summer Sundays for over 10 years and would like to generate enough interest to establish a women's competition as well.  It's real women's soccer, 11 per team, just like we play in the fall and spring and we're on our lush grass at the soccer complex in Bernalillo.
How do I enter my own team in the League?

Pretty simple.  Go to our website and the article on the front page on submitting a team application.  Get a couple of your friends together and you can have a 3 v 3 team in no time at all.

How do i get on a Team?

Go here and send us your info. We'll get you on the Players' Looking list and this is a good time to be there while teams are being formed.

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