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Big Hairy Challenges: What Are Yours?


Tuesday, March 28
Practice Management Update:
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 

Thursday, March 30
Garden Practice Transformation Network Seminar:
For Enrolled Practices & Those Who Want to Learn More About PTNs
CDC Pocket Guide: Tapering Opioids for Chronic Pain

The Centers for Disease Control has released guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic pain (pain lasting longer than 3 months or past the time of normal
tissue healing, outside of active cancer treatment, palliative care, and end-of-life care.)

The guide recommends the development of tapering plans individualized for patients, which will minimize symptoms of opioid withdrawal while maximizing pain treatment with nonpharmacologic therapies and nonopioid medications.

The MCMS mission is to be  the foremost physician organization to advocate for and serve physicians, their medical practices, and their patients in Montgomery County, Maryland.
Please take two minutes to share your most significant challenges with MCMS. We will compile this information and offer sessions at the next half-day conference in response to the most significant challenges facing you and your colleagues.

Help us design our next half-day conference!
Practice Management Update: A Must-Attend for Controlled Substances Prescriberspmupdate
- Register -
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program registration is required for CDS prescribers by July 1, 2017.   Join us to learn from Colleen George, Director of the MedChi Center for the Private Practice of Medicine, how to register for the PDMP, and what the new requirement will mean for your practice.  
2017 Payor Scorecards: Physicians Rate the Payorsscorecard
Medical Economics polled doctors to get to the heart of the payor-physician disconnect.

Nearly 1,110 physicians nationwide shared their day-to-day experiences with insurers, highlighting major pain points and areas for improvement.

Victories in Maryland's State Legislature: Opioids & Scope of Practiceopioid
Amended: the Seven-Day Opioid Bill

This week, MCMS & MedChi convinced a key House sub-committee to take recommendations on the Governor's seven-day opioid bill. The amended version allows medical professionals to follow "best practice" standards.  We thank our members and lobbyists for hard work in advocating for this change.  We still have more work to do.

"Together We Are Stronger": House of Medicine Thwarts Efforts of Optometrists

The House of Medicine came together to oppose the scope of practice expansion desired by optometrists in this session of the Maryland Assembly.

The Maryland Society for Eye Physicians & Surgeons, and MedChi, together with MCMS and other component societies on their respective lobby days, explained to legislators that HB807/SB611 as proposed by optometrists would have patient safety implications as these bills, if passed, would give optometrists enhanced scope of practice including the prescribing of controlled substances and other oral medications, independent treatment of glaucoma, ordering of independent tests and testing in the office setting, removal of foreign bodies and use of all FDA approved therapeutic agents and devices.  Often, non-physician groups are using the argument that their enhanced scope of practice is necessary to provide "access" to all individuals. In this case, 80% of Marylanders have access to appropriately-trained ophthalmologists with in a 10-minute drive.

The result of these successful, coordinated lobbying efforts was that neither bill advanced and there will be further summer study on these initiatives of the optometrists to expand their practice.

This is a win for patients, and it's a win for all physicians.

Act Now! 

Contribute to the Maryland Medical Political Action Committee. Your donation goes a long way in our fight to advocate for you and your patients.  
Atlantic Health Partners: Your Flu & Vaccine Partner!vaccine
Atlantic Health Partners is the nation's leading vaccine buying group and works with many of our members.  Atlantic offers MCMS practices the most favorable terms for Sanofi and Seqirus flu products, and can help you plan for flu season.

They also provide the best pricing for the complete range of Merck and Sanofi vaccines for members.  Working with Atlantic will improve your ability to effectively and efficiently provide immunizations to your patients and strengthen your practice performance.

Contact Atlantic: 
- 800.741.2044 
Montgomery County Medical Society    |   info@montgomerymedicine.org  |    301.921.4300