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--Spring Newsletter--

A Blueprint for Environmental Literacy 

The California Blueprint for Environmental Literacy provides important opportunities 
to integrate environmental literacy throughout the K-12 education system. This Blueprint is a collaborative project between the California Department of Education's Environmental Literacy Task Force, the Glen Price Group and many other stake-holders statewide.  Five working teams spent over a year outlining goals and recommendations in these areas:

1. Learning Environments and Expanding Reach
2. Instructional Materials and Educator Professional Learning
3. System Integration of Environmental Literacy with Common Core, NGSS, 
    STEM and other current initiatives such as EEI
4. Learning Outcomes and Monitoring and Assessment of Environmental Literacy
5. Sustainable Funding for Environmental Literacy

This plan lays the groundwork for how ALL students can enjoy equal access. The outcome should be environmentally literate adults able to understand, tackle and 
solve California's complex environmental concerns.

To learn more, download the document here:

Please share this newsletter with your fellow teachers and colleagues. 
It's going to take a village to raise an environmentally literate California.

~ Your Region 5 Coordinator, Amity Sandage,
What's New in Region 5

Register for National Environmental Education Week!

Take part in the nation's largest celebration of environmental education April 17-23! Register NOW to get project ideas, "Greening STEM Grants" and resources. "Rooted in Math" is this year's theme--download the fabulous infographic. . .
Read more about National EE Week: Rooted in Math   (PDF OR opens in a new window)

 Early Bird Registration for Summer Sierra Institute

Join scientists, educators, and naturalists to investigate the NGSS Crosscutting Concepts Patterns and Scale, Proportion and Quantity looking at patterns within and across California habitats, how patterns can be scale dependent and . . .   
(PDF OR opens in a new window)

 Hiking Leadership Training for Educators

Learn how to plan, organize, and lead fun and safe hikes with students and youth. 1-Day training in Santa Clara or overnight Wilderness Training in partnership with Summer Sierra Institute 
(PDF OR opens in a new window)

 Population Education Leadership Institute

Since 1975, this program has developed age-appropriate curricula to complement students' science and social science instruction about human population trends and impacts on . . .   
(PDF OR opens in a new window)

Outdoor Educators Institute 

The Outdoor Educators Institute develops the next generation of culturally relevant outdoor leaders by building competencies and leadership skills in young adults lacking resources to . . .   
(PDF OR opens in a new window)

 BEETLES: Tools to Improve Outdoor Science Learning

Interested in student-centered, nature-centered teaching? Get research-based tools and approaches for classroom teachers, field instructors, program leaders to improve science teaching.  
(PDF OR opens in a new window)

More Local Events and Workshops







Environmental Education in Action

Environmental Literacy Planning at the District Level 
Congratulations to local district, Pajaro Valley Unified, for leading the way toward Environmental Literacy in our region! PVUSD, CREEC and local environmental education partners joined forces this year to apply for support through the ChangeScale School Partnership Initiative. Through this initiative, ChangeScale works with regional environmental education providers and selected school districts to create an environmental literacy leadership team that can:
  • Assess current Environmental Literacy efforts;
  • Determine feasible district-wide goals for Environmental Literacy and strategies for reaching those goals; and
  • Establish a district-wide Environmental Literacy Plan, including identifying necessary funding, an implementation plan, and other required support.
CREEC and ChangeScale are also collaborating to provide support to environmental education organizations interested in working together to identify how their field programs could be sequenced across the grades to build upon one another and support Next Generation Science Standards. These program progressions or pathways could then be used by districts to support implementation of Next Generation Science Standards and creation of future district environmental literacy plans.
For Environmental Education Providers interested in more information  on the NGSS-based EE Program Pathways Working Groups, contact Amity Sandage or complete the interest survey here

For School Districts and Environmental Education Partners interested in more information about the ChangeScale School Partnership Initiative to support Environmental Literacy planning, visit


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The California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) Network is an educational project supported by the California Department of Education in collaboration with state, regional and local partners. Its expansive communication network provides educators with access to high-quality educational resources to enhance the environmental literacy of California Students.
In Region 5, CREEC is housed and supported by the Santa Cruz County Office of Education
Amity Sandage, Region 5 CREEC Coordinator, 

Shannon Gordon, Statewide CREEC Coordinator,
STEM Office, California Dept. of Education, 1430 N Street, Suite 4309, Sacramento, CA 95814

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