May 2, 2016

Andy Hines. 
Offering exceptional pool and spa maintenance service in the Austin area since 1986.
Hines Pool & Spa has been a leader in the Central Texas pool and spa maintenance since 1986!  We're happy to share our experience with you. Click the links below to visit our Pool & Spa maintenance resource pages!   

Getting Ready for the Swim Season!
Here in Central Texas, if you aren't already swimming, you soon will be. Below is a list of what you should do to start the season right and help prevent problems later on when the water is warm and your pool has a lot of swimmers.
We often have heavy spring rain in Austin. While normal rainfall has little effect on pool water, anything over an inch can cause problems, especially in a smaller pool.
If the water level is too high above the ...

Prepare Now Against Hidden Pool Dangers!  
With pool season coming soon now, Hines Pool & Spa wants to remind all our customers to be vigilant for some of the major 'hidden dangers' in your backyard pool.  There are three big ones to watch out for:  improper sanitation/ poor hygiene, swimming accidents and exposure to electrical shock.

Pool Hygiene
The spread of disease and imbalance of pool chemicals are factors that must be considered. Pools are home to hundreds of swimmers every day and can be a major breeding ground for germs.
Improperly treated pools can still be a hazard. That heavy 'chemical smell' you notice in some pools often indicates the presence of chloramines,-  a mix of chlorine and contaminants, that may have formed in the water. Chloramines actually indicate there's ...