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Your Community is a Museum
Local and Global
The Green Way to Economy Development
Social Enterprise
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Fall, 2012

In this issue, we present some economic development topics of interest to your community.  

Your Community is a Museum

RCP logoA community museum is a virtual or real, indoor or outdoor authentic experience rooted in the local traditions of a territory. A sustainable cultural immersion that generates new wealth for your community.


Destination DC   LA Walking Tours     Cilento Traditions   

Local & Global  

2nd try pescatore logoA recent World Bank report suggests that Going Local has its merits but is not enough to promote sustainable growth. A community can also grow by working with like minded local areas around the world. Here is how  

The Green Way to Economy Development  

Campi flegreiEconomic, environment and social benefits of development in your community: 


Solar Energy   Watershed Management


Community Renewable Energy Finance


Traffic and Pedestrian Safety       Green Roofs 

Social Enterprise  

dev tech truck 

From LA - a tech-based mobile job training program



Online Social EnterpriseSocial Enterprise Marketplace

 from Rhode Island                      

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