Carolin first became involved with NAASCA in 2013 as a survivor of incest. She has been married to her husband John for 37 years, and is the mother of an adult daughter. She is healthy and active at 60, and besides her daily volunteer work with NAASCA, Carolin also works in a specialty shop for gentlemen's suits and clothing. In her spare time she likes to "potter around" in her garden. Carolin is an avid reader who enjoys complex crime thrillers and heads a book club on the Times 100 Must Reads list. There are two books she would recommend to other Survivors which are the Courage to Heal Workbook by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis and The Monster's Game which is a poetic look into the child behind the mask of a survivor by Littlegirl413.

This month's theme is compassion. Carolin shares about a time in her life when someone's compassion was important in her recovery as a survivor of child abuse:
"I was on the road to self destruction until I met my husband, he was and is Kind, Generous, Compassionate and understand. He gave me a shelter from my storms by being solid and caring, something I just wasn't used to."

When asked what she enjoys most from her volunteer work with NASCA, Carolin replied:
" The thing I enjoy most about NAASCA is answering emails from people who need help. It's very rewarding to be able to help someone get started on their healing journey. I suffered in the past with mental ill health and the voluntary work I do for NAASCA is fantastic for giving me a focus and great reason to get out of bed daily. I usually do my volunteer work early in the mornings when the house is quiet and the phone's not ringing. I click onto a lot of websites dealing with childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence and it's great to find so many people committed to helping survivors.