Dec 2017/Jan 2018, Vol. XVIII, No 3
Holiday Gift Soiree and Open House
We have another beautiful Holiday Gift Soiree & Open House planned and we hope you will make a point to stop in. As with all of our programs and events, it includes an element of brain fitness for those preparing for and those coming out to enjoy the Soiree. Creative expression, music and socialization are great for our brains and you will see and experience these and then some at the Soiree.
Returning guests are always ready to see what treats and handcrafted gifts will be on display, but there is no doubt that the transformation of the hallway and classrooms is a draw for many. This year we will be enhancing our Winter Wonderland which takes over the hallway and we know you will enjoy passing by the Cabin in the Woods, the Gathering of Snow Friends, and our For the Birds display. In the Country Room you will find a Vintage Kitchen along with treasures made from old quilts, other fabric, and yarn. We suspect that the peppermint popcorn will tempt your tastebuds and the live music will have you humming holiday tunes the rest of the week.
You will be surrounded by wreaths, ornaments and tabletop trees made from old books and sheet music in the Vintage Room. And you will also find a display of winter white and sparkling treasures to add to your own décor or give as gifts for some of the special people in your life.

Last year’s Furry Friend Corner was a sell-out, so we are adding to our inventory of dog and cat inspired gifts and of course homemade treats for your furry friends. Our elves have fun grab n’ go treats and gifts ready for grandchildren, friends, co-workers, and stocking stuffers, including some sports inspired items. Our bakers and jam makers are preparing their tasty treats for gifts and the refreshment table which will not disappoint. We hope you will invite a friend or two and stop into the Soiree. It is a very special event and we would love to share it with you! Click here for a printable flyer.

Holiday Gift Soiree & Open House
Tuesday, December 5th  6pm to 8pm   
Wednesday, December 2nd
11am to 6pm
Xenia Community Center
1265 W. Second Street
(Next to Council office/Across from the Xenia Nazarene Church)
It's Your Money: Is a Reverse Mortgage in Your Future?
Reverse mortgages have been around for years, but the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association figures that only about 3% of eligible borrowers have one. Reverse mortgages certainly are not for everyone, and they can be expensive to obtain, so the 3% participation rate is understandable. To complicate matters, the federal government recently implemented changes to the program designed to strengthen its fiscal health, but which ‘might’ make the program even less attractive. Even so, the primary tenet of the program—allowing seniors to tap the equity tied up in their homes—is still a very viable option that every senior homeowner should be aware of.
The amount you can borrow depends on the age of the youngest spouse (if married), the value of the home, the amount you currently owe on the home (if any), and current mortgage interest rates. For example, a 62-year-old borrower can qualify for an initial payout of 52% of her home’s value. As the age of the borrower goes up, the amount of the initial payout also increases. There is no requirement to repay the loan as long as the homeowner and/or the spouse is living in the home, and you’ll never owe more than the value of the home when it’s sold to repay the reverse mortgage. If your heirs want to keep the home, they can refinance the reverse mortgage, or they can pay the outstanding debt on the loan.
If you decide you want to look at a reverse mortgage, you have four options available for taking the money out of the house, depending on your goals and immediate needs for the cash:
Line of Credit works for the greatest number of retirees. You can borrow the maximum amount of your credit line (that you qualify for) immediately, borrow small amounts over a long period of time to supplement your income, or just hold the entire amount in reserve as a safety net until you need it. You only incur interest charges on the amount that you actually borrow.
Term Payment provides fixed monthly payments for a ‘certain’ period of time. For example, you could start term payments at age 62 for 8 years, with the plan to cover your living expenses until you can take your maximum social security benefit at age 70.
Tenure Payment provides fixed monthly payments based on age and a life expectancy to age 100. Payments will continue under this scenario until you and/or your spouse dies, sells or leaves the home. The Tenure Payment option is similar to an immediate fixed annuity, except that you only have to cover the upfront costs of the reverse mortgage rather than the entire cost of the annuity. Additionally, reverse mortgage payments are tax-free, whereas annuity payments may be taxable.
Lump Sum Payment is a one-time payment that you take to fund a big purchase such as renovating your home or buying long-term care insurance.
If you think a reverse mortgage might be a good deal for you, we recommend that you discuss the plan with a financial advisor familiar with reverse mortgages. Look for someone who has earned the ‘Retirement Income Certified Professional’ designation. You will also be required to get mortgage counseling from a certified reverse mortgage counselor before you can apply with a lender. Reverse mortgages have significant up-front fees, so it is important that you shop for lenders. You should get at least three quotes so that you can compare up-front closing costs and payout options. As always, if this information stirs your interest and you have questions, give us a call at the Greene County Council on Aging, 937-376-5486.
An Extra Special Thank You
It has been three years since the GCCOA Board of Directors made the decision to purchase the West Second Street property we now call home. And there is no question that it was a wise and responsible decision!
The property was a construction site for six months and the Council team moved into the mostly renovated space in late June 2015. To make the space even more accessible, comfortable and an attractive landmark for the neighbors and thousands of drivers and cyclists passing by every day, a plan was put into place for some additional upgrades.
An automatic entry door was installed, a brick façade was added to a portion of the building front, a lighted sign was installed close to the road, and the sidewalk at the curb was replaced. A security system was added and the office and hallway lighting was replaced with LED fixtures. We were thrilled to acquire an additional thirty-five feet of land behind our property which will soon house a 24’ x 32’ storage building and a vinyl fence will surround the storage building and back grassy area.
These upgrades and additions were made possible through the generosity of some very special friends of the Council. These individuals and organizations have and continue to support the Council’s mission and were quick to assist in raising the needed funds. They have been thanked and their names have been shared in previous newsletters, but our permanent acknowledgement of their gifts and support was unveiled November 14th at a special reception. A plaque with the names of the 2014-2015 Board members now hangs in our reception area and the Donor Door listing our generous donors is now the focal point on the adjacent wall.
Our thanks and appreciation to the 2014-2015 Board and our Renovation Donors listed below. We have also included a photo of the Donor Door, which of course looks much better in person and we invite you to stop in to check it out!

2014-2015 Board of Directors
Brian Kruse, President      
Ruth Paulus
Paul Brown
Kraig Hagler
Andrea Harkleroad
Emily Haynes
Ed O’Shaughnessy
Becky Schatzberg
Brian Stephan

Renovation Donors
Jack & Marguerite Newhouse
Ed & Fran O’Shaughnessy, Jr.

Barbara Werth
Ellie Home Caring
Fairborn Senior Center
Hammond, Stier & Stadnicar
Greene Memorial Hospital & Soin Medical Center
Xenia Adult Recreation & Services Center

Added Touch Cleaning
George & Susan Allen
Brentwood Builders
Dynamic Senior Solutions
Greene County Community Foundation
Stephan & Stephan Law Group
Brian & Stephanie Stephan
Hospice of the Miami Valley
Alan & Karen Puterbaugh
Reichley Insurance Agency

Ray & Marlene Acus
James & Cammy Grote
Joe & Andrea Harkleroad
John & Emily Haynes
John & Beth Kinsel
Ed & Lynn Martin
Paul & Caroline Mullin    
Ruth Paulus
Brenda Pollock
Jim & Mary Lou Preston
Louis & Beck Schatzberg
Tony Zdybek
2018 Calendars
The printed 2018 GCCOA calendars are going fast, so please stop into the Council’s Xenia or Beavercreek offices or one of the senior centers to pick one up. The calendar showcases some wonderful Greene County seniors with their special animal companions. You will want to get your smile ready!

2018 Senior Artisan Show Set

Invitations to known Greene County Senior Artisans will be sent out before the end of the year for the 2018 Senior Artisan Show, to be held the first three Sundays in March at the Fairborn Art Association. As always, we look forward to sharing creations by Greene County Artisans (60+) who work with a variety of mediums, including watercolor, pastels, acrylics, clay, wood, mixed media, and photography.
If you would like to receive the information, please contact the Council at or 937-376-5486 to be added to the list.

It's My Money! My Stuff! My Life!
The 2018 It’s My Money! My Stuff! My Life! Program is set for the last Tuesday in February and four Tuesdays in March. This exceptional program brings together local professionals with expertise in legal, financial, and long term care issues. It will run for five weeks from 6pm—8:30pm. The cost is $40 per household. Handouts and heavy refreshments are provided, and space is limited. If you are interested in receiving the brochure, please contact the Council at 376-5486/ The brochure and registration form will also be posted on the Council’s website and Facebook page in early January.
Donor Spotlight
Please join us in thanking our donors who have shared a gift since the last newsletter.
In Honor Of:
Ruth Dunlap, Alice Johnson

In Memory Of:
Roberta Atley, Joan Burdeshaw, Ollie Campbell, Thomas Cottrell, Ray Crider, Robert Dunlap, Phyllis Knisley, June Snavely, Ted & Lois Valley, Judy York
Gary Campell, Gary & Janet Dice, Rita Duncan, Elizabeth Frye, Carlton Grieve, Gilbert Hamilton, Sharon Raflick, Carl Snavely, Jim & Robbi Valley
Energizers’ ~ Those Giving of Time & Talent:
Jim & Ina Barney, Pat Beal, Carolee Buccalo, Linda Bullock, Judy Cartisano, Phyllis Desch, Leah Donohue, Dorothy Douglas, Evelyn Ferguson, Betty Gibson, Alphoretta Hughes, Linda Jones, Letha Kimball, Jackie Markunes, Frannie McPherson, Chris Middleton, Sondra Morckel, Nancy Mullins, Foy Neff, Sherry Newcomer, Carolyn Ponder, Joe Radin, Ken Richardson, Chuck Ryan, Pam & Joe Sowder, Priscilla Stephens, Ginny Vikmanis, Barbara Werth

Appreciation to the following for their support of the Council's Fall Programs and Events:
Tina Banning, Theresa Busher, Dave Cusack, Carol Culbertson, Dr. Larry Lawhorne, Rebecca Hall, Tammy McVicar, Dr. Daniel Swagerty, Ashley Steveley
Antioch University Midwest, WBZI, Greene Inc., Pro Seniors, Greene County Public Health, Greene County Library, Rehab At Home, Village at the Greene, Barr’s Hometown Pharmacy, Beavercreek Christian Church, Love Monkey Ministries, Greene Memorial Hospital & Soin Medical Center  
Facebook Friends: Watch for our special contest in January!
Upcoming Programs & Meetings
Tues, December 5th ~ 6—8pm & Wed, December 6th ~ 11am—6pm
Holiday Gift Soiree & Open House
Xenia Community Center ~ 1265 W. Second, Xenia
December 7th
Last Day for Medicare Open Enrollment
Please Contact the Council or your senior center for assistance
Wednesday, December 13th ~ 3:30pm—5:00pm
Medicare 101
GCCOA Office ~ 1195 W. Second Street, Xenia
Thursday, January 11th ~ 2:30pm—4:30pm
Memory Loss, Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease
GCCOA Office ~ 1195 W. Second Street, Xenia
Looking Ahead:
2018 Senior Artisan Show ~ First Three Sundays in March
Fairborn Art Association
Tuesdays, February 27th, March 6, 13, 20, & 27 2018 ~ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
It’s My Money, My Stuff, My Life
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