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School is in session, the Alaska State Fair is here and fall will soon be in full swing. 
Wishing you all a happy and safe Labor Day weekend! 

Legislative Interim 
During interim, I have been able to spend time in the district with my family and had the opportunity to participate in a tour of the North Slope and the 25th annual Kenai River Classic. The KRC is an event to raise funds for habitat restoration projects, fisheries education, research and management. I also met with the Department of Fish and Game on the topics of bear safety, trails/recreation and trash management. Learn more about safety in bear country on their website

On July 27, we adjourned from our third special session. The legislature is expecting to be called back a fourth time in late October to further discuss revenue measures. I remain committed to working with my colleagues to address the state's fiscal challenges in a way that does not harm economic growth and ensures essential services are provided in efficient and sustainable ways. However, I do not believe an income tax is part of the solution and remain opposed. Please share your perspective and participate in a short  REVENUE SURVEY.

Alaska State House Resources Committee members George Rauscher, myself and DeLena Johnson visiting Trans Alaska Pipeline Pump Station 1. 

 Pictured left to right with me, Representative Jennifer Johnston, my wife Pam and Representative Dan Saddler at the  Kenai River Classic.
Crime Concerns 
A number of constituents have contacted my office concerned with increases in crime rates, mainly in relation to the passage of Senate Bill 91. With four grandchildren and their families in the Anchorage area, I share their public safety concerns. The Alaska Criminal Justice Commission and the Alaska Justice Information Center continue to evaluate data and seek feedback throughout the implementation of criminal justice reform policy. State agencies, including the Department of Public Safety, Health & Social Services, and Corrections are assisting their analysis by providing data and expertise.

The crime rate issues in Alaska are complex and have been exacerbated by the opioid epidemic. While I was not in office when this bill passed into law, I will be working to ensure the intended outcome of cost-effective, evidence- based reforms is accomplished without compromising the accountability of offenders and the safety of our community. 

The Department of Public Safety's 2016 Unified Crime Report will be available soon. Past reports can be viewed online. Please keep in mind that portions of SB 91 did not go into effect until 2016 and that other portions of the law have yet to be implemented. Policy to fix many of the unintended and unforeseen outcomes of SB 91 are drafted and are moving through the committee process. I will continue to advocate for honest, hardworking and law abiding Alaskans. 

Action Alert 
 Comment Deadline September 6, 2017

Comments can be submitted to:

State Director, Bureau of Land Management
Alaska State Office
222 West 7th Avenue, Stop #13
Anchorage, Alaska 99513-7504

District Spotlight
There will be something for everyone at the annual Moose Madness event at the Alaska Zoo this Saturday!
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