Your GAWDA Connection | Jan. 15, 2018
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40 th Year of CGA Safety Awards Program Begins
GAWDA members are encouraged to apply for the most coveted awards in the compressed gas industry as the Leonard Parker Pool Safety Awards competition gets underway for this year.

The Compressed Gas Association, Inc. ’s annual program, which was begun in 1978 and now has been conducted for the past 40 years, is open to any Compressed Gas Association member company that reports its annual occupational injury and illness experience for its facilities in the U.S. and Canada. The reporting must occur for the award year and the previous four consecutive years to be eligible for award consideration.

The awards are presented annually to participating CGA member companies that have recorded the greatest improvement in safety performance during the previous two years, and are based upon the total recordable case incidence rates as defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. There are two divisions of the award based on employee exposure hours. Group 1 is for member companies having more than 2 million employee exposure hours during the award year. Group 2 is for member companies having 2 million or less employee exposure hours during the award year.

The prestigious honors are announced at the fall GAWDA Annual Conference by a representative of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. , which sponsors the competition. The program is designed to promote safety awareness and to serve as an extension of the CGA charter, “Safety in the Public Interest.” Leonard Parker Pool, for whom the awards are named, was the founder and former chief executive of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Specific instructions for reporting guidelines and submission forms for the awards program, a one-year reporting form and a five-year reporting form are available on the CGA website/GAWDA Distributor portal here.
Membership Renewals Due by February 1
Just a quick reminder – there are two working weeks (actually 17 calendar days) to go to renew your GAWDA membership for 2018.

February 1 (a Thursday) is the last date for you to make your renewal. You can do this through GAWDA’s Membership Services Manager Stephen Hill. Contact him at GAWDA HQ at 954-367-7228, or

Current members also can renew online anytime, using this member portal link. After February 1, services are discontinued for anyone who has not renewed membership.

For anyone considering joining GAWDA, here’s information on the association and many reasons why membership is so beneficial
Here are suggestions for new products and services that GAWDA member suppliers and manufacturers say can help you get a leg up on business.

What’s hot for 2018’s marketplace? What new things have suppliers and manufacturers got on hand to help gases and welding supplies distributors boost business in 2018? Why do they say their newest “hot stuff” is worth taking a look at? 

Check out these new products and services they say can help your New Year – and your entire 2018. Check back here each Connection issue for the next few weeks as additional suppliers and manufacturers offer their ideas for helping distributors make money or save money this year.
Member News:
  • Mitchell New Regional Sales manager for IWDC Read More
  • Butler Gas Promotes Two on Executive Team Read More
  • Control Devices, LLC Acquires Harrison Valve 
  • Chart Acquires Skaff Cryogenics
In Memoriam:
GAWDA has received word of the following obituary notices.
Social Media ‘Points of Pride’:
We’ve discovered “points of pride” among GAWDA members that they’ve been sharing on social media. To see what’s been happening at member companies, just click on the blue link. 
  • Worthington Industries shows it knows what to do with the cold and the snow. They’ve announced the company’s fourth year of presenting the Columbus Blue Jackets Winter Park at McFerson Commons.
Supplier Members:
5043 Farlin Ave.
St. Louis, Mo. 63115
FAX 314-385-3252
Tim Cronin, national sales manager

Ace Industrial Products provides principal products sold through welding supply distributors and is a manufacturer of welding fume extractors, including portable, mobile and stationary models. AIP is an Associated Equipment brand.

6228 Road 95
Huntsville, Ohio 43324
FAX 937-686-6425
Shawn Spath, vice president 
Fire Safety Services Inc. performs hydrostatic and ultrasonic requalification of DOT, TC and UN bottles.

1050 Penner Crest
Houston, Texas 77055
FAX 713-869-5600
  Larry Robinson, president
Ron Weldon, national sales manager

Unibraze Corporation provides filler metal solutions: Unibraze, Techniwear, Smoothror, Stellite, Special Metals, Haynes, Ampco, Stood, Tech-Rod.
Prism Visual Adds New Web Software
Prism Visual Software has launched a new web software suite, Prism WebStore and WebBillPay, to provide distribution and field service companies with web tools to offer their customers.
WebStore and WebBillPay allow businesses of all sizes to meet customers’ interests in both shopping and managing their accounts on their own time schedule, on a 24/7 basis, the company says.

Prism’s WebStore suggests delivery days based on route, customer specific pricing, and authorized item lists, features that an average B2C web store cannot provide, according to the company. The software allows customers to sign in and place product orders, pay bills and submit service requests. It enhances user-experience with item images and search options to explore items by category, keyword, previous orders, promotional item and new items, among many options and features.

For more information, contact Prism at