Friday, May 5, 2017 
St. James' Episcopal Parish 
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Aloha my beloved parish 'ohana,
T he earliest image of Jesus in Christian art is from 250 AD and is found in the frescos in the ancient catacombs in Rome, the secret burial Christian chambers. Some scholars argue that it is the oldest depiction of Christ. It is not of Jesus on a cross or of his Resurrection or Ascension, but of that of the Good Shepherd, carrying a lone sheep over his shoulders. 

St. Jerome wrote in the 3rd century, "I am like the sick sheep that strays from the rest of the flock. Unless the Good Shepherd takes me on His shoulders and carries me back to His fold, my steps will falter, and in the very effort of rising, my feet will give way." There are a good many of us who identify with St. Jerome. We easily stray. Life gets busy and weeks go by. Soon we can find our steps faltering and our feet giving way. Jesus teaches us that we are not meant to walk alone. 

In another story in which Jesus uses the image of a shepherd, he tells that the Good Shepherd goes in search for one who has become separated. Look around you at church this weekend. Who is missing? We are a congregation with many folks who travel. Sometimes someone is not here because they are off-island. Whatever the reason you find that the person is not with us, it never hurts to reach out and to let them know they are missed. Don't worry, God is not expecting you to carry someone back. Indeed, sometimes a person's spiritual journey takes them to another community of faith, to another church. Know that can be part of following God's leading too. In fact, there may be someone here with us worship this weekend because of this very reason.

God expects us to reach out to one another, to show the care and concern we are shown by the Savior. Take time to reach out to someone you don't see here this weekend at worship and take time to get to know the name of those you do see. Be the voice of the Good Shepherd in someone's life. Sometimes all it takes is picking up the phone or learning a new person's name. 

This weekend we will do what we always seek to do at every worship service: offer our warmest aloha to those of you who are new or returning after being away. 

In peace,
David +


Confirmation Service
This Saturday at 
St. Augustine's, 11 AM

Our sister congregation, St. Augustine's Church, in Kapa'au, is hosting an island-wide service of confirmation. Five members of our parish 'ohana will confirm and/or have their confirmations received. Bishop Fitzpatrick presiding. Please keep those participating in this important step in one's faith in your prayers.

Baptisms at the Saturday Beach Mass 
THIS Saturday, May 6th, 5 PM

Our "Service on the Sand" on May 6th will be extra special as we have several people and keiki being baptized. 

Easter Blessings to All,

The keiki loved seeing their Alleluias hanging up in the church. I know they had a great time resurrecting them too.  I am so glad we have 50 days to celebrate Easter.

The Godly Play Core Training last weekend was an amazing event for the 6 members that participated.  Jenny Wallace flew in from Honolulu to lead the training.  We had Ruby and Cari participate from St. Columba's, and they are very excited about starting Godly Play at their church.  Laura Williams, Elsbeth McKeen, Lyn Fragas, and Suzette Lee-Mills attended from St. James'. Jenny told the Baptism story for our Baptism class.  The keiki and the parents really enjoyed Jenny's awesome story telling abilities. We are working on having another training the end of October so that more of our members will be able to participate.  I will keep you posted on the dates.  Reverend Marnie blessed our space at the end of the weekend. I see great thing in our future for Godly Play at St. James'.

We will start using Small World Preschool's building for our Sunday nursery.  I am so glad that our ministry for children is growing, and we are attracting more families with young children.  The Small World location will make it easier for parents to drop off their keiki before church.  Suzette and Henya are great with the young ones, and the keiki really enjoy themselves too.

Beach Mass this Saturday, on May 6th will include the Baptism of 5 keiki from our church. Please come to Beach Mass and support these young children as they begin their walk with Christ.
Bereavement Camp 

I am excited about the changes happening in our parish. We are so blessed our changes are good ones. We can never have to many families with children. Planting seeds of faith in keiki is a beautiful thing.

Easter Blessings,
Susan Acacio
Youth Ministry Coordinator

It is time to start gearing up for summer. We have several opportunities for keiki and youth this summer. Hui Pu 2017 is the Diocese Summer Camp held at Camp Mokule'ia on Oahu. Early registration deadline is May 1, 2017. AHE ages  9-12, LOKAHI ages 13-14, OPIO ages 15-18. July 2nd thru 5th, 2017. Scholarships are available.

Vacation Bible School , "Maker Fun Factory: Created by God, Built for a Purpose", will be July 24th thru July 28th, 2017. We are enrolling keiki and youth from preschool to high school. We are also looking for adult volunteers to help with this fun and amazing program.

St. James' Keiki Choir
Keiki Community Choir Practice Saturdays at the church. Open to all school aged children in the community. Rehearsals 3-4 PM on Saturdays. Led by Rona Lee. For info contact Susan @ 895-2086. 

Teen Tech THIS Sunday - May 7th     
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Our Teen Tech Tutors are back will be available to assist you with your technology and Internet questions in the Spencer Building. Please bring your cell phone, tablet, e-Reader, and/or laptop. Mahalo to all of the teens for this wonderful ministry.

Susan Acacio
(808) 895-2086 or

Family Bereavement Camp

I write with an announcement for an upcoming event organized by Hospice Hawaii:
Family Bereavement Camp
Children grieve too! They might connect their grief stories meaningfully with their age group people. That's why Hospice Hawaii is organizing the family bereavement camp again this year.  It is going to be from June 9th to 11th at the Queen Liliuokalani Children's Center in Hauula. 
This camp is open to children between 7 and 17. Scholarships available especially families coming from the neighbor islands. 
Last date to register:  Thursday, May 11

For more information please visit their website:   Or contact Rev. JP Sabbithi at 791-8003 or

Our meeting last Sunday revealed many ways people can help. Several of the ways are small commitments, but together they add us to making a huge difference. Here are a quick few:  
  • Foodland vouchers requested. We need a dozen. Bring to the church. 
  • Donations of fresh vegetables and fruit and cookies always appreciated and used.
  • Monetary donations to the Community Meal Ministry are very welcome and help to offset our costs.

Foodland Coupons Needed
Please donate your foodland award coupons to use in our being able to get quantities of the weekly special, enough to serve 200 plus people. It is easier for us to receive the coupons than the food item, as then we know if we will have enough of a particular item for the whole of the meal. So bring you award coupons and drop off at the church. This is a great way for everyone who shops at Foodland land to participate in this powerful and needed ministry.

The St. James' Community Meal, is a weekly food ministry, augmenting what is currently offered to the homeless, working poor, lonely and downright hungry in our community.  For more information contact Tim Bostock,   or 382-3290, or Jane Sherwood, 896-0944 or , especially if you want to get involved!
    Notes of Care
In the back of the church are note cards. Please take 5 to 10 cards and envelopes home with you. Use them to reach out to one another and those in the wider community.
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers parishioners who are unable to be with us in worship. Please reach out to them and let them know they are missed: Is there someone else to whom we could reach out to? Please ask their permission and then contact the parish office.
Jan Sing                                     
74-5038 Hua'ala Street               
Kalilua Kona, HI 96740  

Toshio Takeya
PO Box 221       
Pa'auilo, HI 96776           

Gerry Goodenough                    
PO Box 988                               
Kamuela, HI 96743                   

Dallas Gomes 
c/o Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific 
226 North Kuakini St. 
Honolulu, HI 96817 

(The address for Jan Sing is above the Costco area. Please visit Jan if you are near there.)

Is there someone else that needs added to the notes of care? Please get their permission first and contact the parish office.

Please remember friends 
and family of the 
following people:

Please keep in your prayers Kathy Lindsey and her family, at the death of her mother, Barbara. You may send notes of care to the family at: 

Kathy Lindsey
64-644 Puuluna Place
Kamuela, HI 96743. 

We also hold in our prayers Malia Kitchen and her family at the death of their beloved John. You may send notes of care to: 

Malia Kitchen
PO Box 6674
Kamuela, HI 96743 

Studying the Scriptures

Wednesday Noonday  (every week) - A scholarly reflection and discussion on the up-coming Scripture readings we will hear in worship. Led by the Rev. Guy Piltz. All welcome. 

Monthly Friday Women's Bible Study - The women of the parish are studying the amazing women of the Bible. Meets first Friday of each month, 10 AM - Noon, led by the Rev. Marnie Keator.  Next meeting June 2nd. 

Monday Men's Bible Study - 8:30 AM in the Rector's Office at St. James'. All men are invited. Come learn, grow and be encouraged in your faith journey into the Word. Led by the Bob Lundgren, husband of the Rev. Linda Lundgren, our Priest-in-Residence at St. Columba's.

Thursday St. Columba Bible Study
 - Led by the Rev. Cheryl Harder this bible study is open to anyone. Thursday mornings at 10 AM. It is held in the St. Columba' Vicarage in Pa'auilo. Please contact Linda for more information  or 895-9234.

EfM (Education for Ministry) - Thursdays, 6 PM. Led by mentors John Sucke and Beth McKeen, this 4 year course is seminary level in content. It is designed for laity who desire to go deeper in their learning of the Scriptures, theology, and Church history. Contact the parish office for more information,


Our Priest-in-Residence  is 
the Rev. Cheryl Harder    
(808) 895-9234

It seems like I just left this glorious island, and here I am back. Through these congregations, I learned about and felt the aloha spirit. I saw in action God's agape love. Thank you for letting me come back and worship with you for the next two months When I left Minnesota, there was snow (just a dusting). So, imagine my joy seeing the leaves on the trees and smelling the blooming flowers. 
Mahalo, Cheryl+ 


Where did 8 months go? Wasn't it just 
a few weeks ago that I wrote my article that "We're back!" My heart is again heavy that Bob and I will be leaving; but this time we know we will be back in September. That makes it a bit easier to leave, but still many tears of sadness as we say a hui hou for now. This 8 months has been amazing in so many ways. We have become part of a vibrant community of beautiful Christians. St. Columba's is growing and showing so many signs of healthy excitement. Along with signs of excitement we have new signage with more to come. A new white cross on the front lawn has been erected and is draped with the church seasonal colors, and illuminated with solar lights. We have 2 new crosses that Clay Reeves made that will be mounted to the outside of the building to let people know we are a church (when anyone turns the corner from Hwy 19!) A new Episcopal Church sign and a hand painted sign that Steve Lambuth is making, as this is being typed! Also a new banner stating that Aloha Lives Here! And it most certainly does!! We have new playground equipment; swings and monkey bars for the keiki and also some of us older keiki!!  Ruby Adams and Cari Rufo have graciously offered to be our Godly Play teachers and that is so exciting! We have a wonderful bible study every Thursday at the vicarage for everyone. Hopefully we will outgrow the vicarage! So many have put in countless hours to make St. Columba's inviting and sacred. Including our altar guild; Wilma Oshiro, Gael Burke, Elisa Hewetson and Barbara Lackey, our musicians; Millie Yagin, Peter Christiansen and Chris Kirckhoffer and pastoral visitors; Gael Burke and Millie Yagin. Shauntae Silva keeps our church spic and span and Wilma Oshiro, Felicina Laeda, Nikoe De Santo and Gladys Takeya bring flowers from their gardens for the altar. Absolutely gorgeous! Pat Anderson has a contract out on the pesky pests and Bowman comes monthly to the vicarage to eradicate those pests! Everyone brings delicious food for our feast every Sunday so nobody goes home hungry. A big thank you to Brian Burke who has put in mega hours being our "jack- of-all-trades" person and to Gael for all they have done for our church.      
            So, whenever you are in the area, come for a visit. Wander around and swing on the swings! Look out at the ocean, sit on a lawn chair and just be present with God. You have stepped upon Holy Ground.  Enjoy and be blessed.
            A huge Mahalo nui loa to our dear friends in all St. James' Congregations. We love you and look forward to worshiping with you again in September!!! God's Blessings be upon you!
Rev. Linda and Bob Lundgren


Midweek Worship
Every Wednesday 
Morning Prayer,  9 AM

Every Wednesday, at 9 AM in St. James' church, we offer the service of Morning Prayer. This is a beautiful way to begin one's day. The service of Morning Prayer, also known as Matins, is one of the two main Daily Offices in the Episcopal church. One of the beautiful aspects of Morning and Evening Prayer is that as you pray the office you are praying it with thousands of people around the world who are also engaged in these same or similar prayers. In addition, during the service, we will be incorporating the reading of the names on our parish prayer list. Please come and join us in prayer. 

Parish  Prayer List 
Jan Sing, Peggy Rein, Patricia Eckstrom, Sarah, Leanne Baskin, Toshio Takeya, Gladys Chock, Gloria Seiden, McPeek Family, Mary Martin, Narcisa Yagin, Menelio Balmilero, Nicole Anderson, Marlene Thees, Trevor, Pat & Carl Stanforth, Kelly Miles, Barbara Lackey, Janice Gail, Alan Ackerman, Jerry, Brad Young, Monica Parker, Clayton Oshiro, Julie Zanoff, Riter Hulsey, Joan Turner, David Grfffith, Josie Woll, Bob Dolan, Pat Lee, Gladys TakeyaGerry Goodenough, Charmaine Davis, Paul Mendonca, Jordan Pierce, Monique Abbasi, Chuck Miller, Beverly Jean Palenapa, Ralph Thomas, Rose, Jack A,Isaac DeRego, James Knox Everett, Bradford & Marie Newton, Diane Forsyth, Riley Furlong, Debbie Gaines, John Pieper, Dawn Michelle, Pat, Jeanne Anderson, Israel Kahoopii, Dallas Gomes, Bernie & Margaret Smith, Marsha Tripp, Bob Fialkowski, Gay Ramseur, Husband & children of Mokihana Petty, family & friends of John Kitchen++

If you would like to be added to the Prayer List or would like to add someone else (please get their permission first), call the parish office at 808-885-4923 or email at by the Tuesday before you would like the name to appear in the bulletin. Please mention 'Prayer List' in the Subject line of the email to Jacque so that she knows it's not a spam email froml someone she doesn't know personally.
Names will remain on the list for 4 weeks. You must then request to have the name added again. 
Feed A Family in Waimea

Please grab a shopping bag in the back of the church and fill with non-perishable food items. The list on the bag is just a suggestion of items to donate. These donations will benefit the Annunciation Food Pantry. For further information, contact JoAnn Conley, 885-4156. 

College Scholarship
St. James' Parish Scholarship Program
Applications Accepted till Sunday, May 21st

The Vestry of St. James' (church board) has designated a fund for scholarships for youth (Children/Grandchildren of members of St. James' Parish) attending college. The fund was established as part of our commitment to the education of youth in our community. 

To apply for a St. James' Scholarship, you will find copies of the application on the back table at St. James' Church, you may also CLICK HERE to download the application. Please have your child/grandchild return the completed application to the parish office by no later than Sunday, May 21st via: scan (PDF only please) and email to, fax to 808-887-2713, mail to St. James' Episcopal Church, PO Box 278, Kamuela, HI 96743 or drop off a hard copy at the parish office . The Vestry will award scholarships in late May. 

Will YOU Help?

Readers and Eucharistic Ministers (Chalice Bearers) Needed!!

chalice An integral part of our worship together includes those who offer their time and talent to serve during Sunday Worship. We invite you to prayerfully consider being a reader and/or a Eucharistic Minister (Chalice Bearer) at one of our Sunday St. James' services, 7:30 AM or 9:00 AM. This is not a weekly commitment, many people sign-up to read once every month or two. Please take time today to sign-up on the sheet located on the back table in church. 

Vestry Meeting Minutes

To read the latest Vestry Minutes, you may CLICK HERE.

Mutual Ministry Review
Focus Group Meetings

YOU ARE NEEDED to help with the Mutual Ministry Review for the Diocese of Hawaiʻi. You are the Diocese-the arms and legs, the hands and feet of the Body of Christ for the Episcopal Church in Hawaiʻi. You have an exciting opportunity to give your thoughts about where the Church is now and where you think it should go in the next three to five years. 
Come and be a part of the discussion about the future of the Diocese. The meeting for this gathering is scheduled for t his Wednesday in the parish hall at 9:30 AM. We'll be finished by 11 AM. 

For more information, you may click on the Mutual Ministry Brochure:

Brother, "Give Us a Word"
"Rise "
"Join me in the Resurrection," Jesus calls out to us today. "Even now, even today-don't wait 'til you're dead." Come out of the small, dark, confining places of life into the broad and bright places-stand up, rise up to your full height.

Br. Mark Brown

Up-coming Parish Events at a Glance

Welcome New Members Weekend
June 3&4, All Services

For Full Parish Calendar,  click here  
A Prayer for the 
End of Day
When I look at the heavens, the work of your hands, the moon and the stars that you have made; what are human beings that you are mindful of them, children of the earth that you care for them? You have created us a little lower than the angels, and crowned us with glory and honor. ~ Psalm 8:3-5

Do you have a favorite prayer? Please forward to Bobby Clement, who maintains our parish email newsletter, at  
In the Wider Community

Housing Needed 
Would you be willing to help HPAF with housing for faculty, administrative staff and professional fellows from June 27 through July 25 or any part thereof (Summer Festival runs through those dates)? Housing is always a big part of the Festival's prep work because we can't afford to rent hotels for all the adults who come to teach and you can imagine. A spare guest room, 'ohana or whatever is what we need. No meals, just a place to lay their heads and change clothes.
Please contact Genette Freeman, Exec Director. She can be reached at 333-7378 or at


St. James' Parish
The congregations of St. James' Church (Waimea), 
St. Columba's Church (Pa'auilo), & Beach Mass (Kawaihae)

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