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*To preserve the integrity of the report from the field, the content has not been fully grammatically edited. English is often the third or fourth language for GHNI field staff.*
Daring to Do Differently
Dhoker Jhara Village, India

This time I would like to share a story about a farmer named Shivdhon. We have been encouraging and guiding him from the last couple of years to grow some vegetables in greater amount so that he can not only eat them himself, but he can sell the excess in the weekly market for income. At first, he hesitated, but later he tried and made a small but noticeable profit. Then we encouraged Shivdhon to do it once more. He did, and this time he made good profit out of his production.

Now Shivdhon has taken initiative in farming potatoes by himself. He has grown three kilograms of potato seeds, which will give him around six quintals (about 1,300 lbs) of production. This is a kind of first example in the village of an individual who is producing such a big amount of potatoes. Shivdhon is grateful to us for giving him such courage to do what no one had dared to do before.


Thank you!

Presenting new ideas and encouraging change is not easy. Shivdhon is a shining example of the possibilities and the perseverance of our team. Thank you for standing with us! Please continue to support these farmers with your donation.
Overcoming Obstacles
Hoogly Village, India

Today, I am going to write about a young man whose name is Utpal. He is a 22-year-old student. His father died when Utpal was very young. He was placed in an orphanage because his mother could not afford to care for him. He grew up in the orphanage and did his schooling there. Because his financial condition was extremely bad, it's amazing that he somehow managed to afford his study. Utpal never got a chance to learn computer because it's expensive.

After he grew up, he started working wherever he could find any work, whether it was laboring or working in a shop. Now Utpal has returned home and is living with his mother and two elder brothers. Utpal now works to help support his family.

He wants to learn computer so that he can expand his source of income. He came to know about our computer center through local children who graduated from our center. Utpal found himself comfortable with our fee and computer center environment. He gained admission and is working on a one-year diploma course. He is grateful to our computer center, saying, "Because of this computer center, many people can get the chance to learn computer who have never thought of learning it. Your fees are very low compared to other institutes around here."

Thank you, GHNI, for helping us serve villagers in our community who are in need and searching for hope.

GHNI Partner

Thank you!

It's never too late to learn. Your support has enabled GHNI-India to help orphans like Utpal create a future for their families. His story is still unfinished and we look forward to where his computer education takes him. Thank you!
Growing in Unity
Jatapara Village, India

This quarter, we taught villagers a new technique of threshing to save time and energy. They used to simply beat it on rocks or by using a paddle machine. Both of the techniques take 1-2 months to complete the threshing. We simply fixed the threshing machine with a motor, and now they can thresh the grain all day without getting tired. They can finish threshing within weeks now, and the rest of the time they can grow other vegetables to eat or for income purposes.

In the meantime until the next season, they will begin planting vegetables. This idea appeals to villagers and many have started doing it.

We desire to bring unity among villagers. Right now, the situation is not good for living a harmonious life with others. It is the tendency of villagers to pull down anyone who tries to improve in any area of life. If someone is really trying hard to grow some vegetables to earn income, others who can't do it will open the gate of his farm, so that animals can enter the farm and graze upon whatever he has grown.

We are trying to stimulate a helpful nature amongst villagers. When someone is trying to learn something new, we encourage others to take steps to help him, even if he is not asking for help. After lots of encouragement and teaching, we finally saw some result. A farmer named Suray was trying to learn threshing with the machine. Darban was crossing on his farm, and when he saw Suray struggling, he went to him and guided him for hours until Suray could learn how to use the machine.


Thank you!

One day soon, Jatapara Village will be known for its helpful and generous villagers. Your support has afforded our team's efforts to encourage this change toward cooperation and sharing of knowledge. Thank you! Please continue to donate to this project.
An Amazing Outcome
Kharibari Village, India

The outcome has been amazing this year as villagers reported less sickness during monsoon season. We have been focusing on health and hygiene through weekly teaching. This quarter, we decided to take up the income-generation project. For this, we had a meeting with the committee to finalize the most suitable income-generation plan. After considering several options, we selected mushroom cultivation because the investment was low and demand is good in the local market. We held two days of training in mushroom cultivation. Now they are going to start mushroom cultivation at the commercial level, and to begin this, they are raising funds amongst themselves.

Another incredible step was to start evening tutoring classes for the children. We have been running special weekly classes, but we have been unable to enable to cultivate the daily study habit among the children so far. During this quarter, one committee member, Miss Muni, who is a first-year BA student, started tutoring village children every evening. Though the initial turnout was low, we will pursue parents to send their children, regularly. We are really happy to see that the villagers are slowly becoming more aware about improving income and education.


Thank you!

The improved awareness of education and income generation will help to lift villagers of Kharibari out of poverty. They have already seen improvement from their growing awareness good of hygiene and health practices. Thank you for your continued partnership with our team in India.
Thank you for bringing Help & Hope to the Hidden & Hurting!

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