Work or Live in Westshore? We Want to Hear from You!

The Westshore Alliance is launching the first district-wide Westshore  worker and resident survey to gain greater insight on the perceptions,  activities  and demographic makeup of those who work and/or live in Westshore.

If you work or live in Westshore, 
please take 10 minutes to complete the  Westshore District-wide Survey. 

If you WORK in Westshore, 
take the Worker Survey HERE.

If you LIVE in Westshore, 

If you work AND live in Westshore, 
please take the Resident Survey HERE.

Please help us by circulating these links to your staff, peers, friends and connections  living and/or working within Westshore!   Survey responses are tabulated anonymously  and no follow up will be requested. Results will be published in Q1 2018. To show our thanks, survey participants may  enter a drawing to win one of six $100 gift cards.

Questions? Email Heather Mackin or call 813-289-5488.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

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