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NAASCA has a single purpose, to address issues related to childhood abuse and trauma including sexual assault, violent or physical abuse, emotional traumas and neglect .. and we do so from two specific perspectives :

  • educating the public, especially as related to getting society over the taboo of discussing childhood sexual abuse, presenting the facts that show child abuse to be a pandemic, worldwide problem that affects everyone

  • offering hope for healing through numerous paths, providing many services to adult survivors of child abuse and information for anyone interested in the many issues involving prevention, intervention and recovery

Building a survivor community ...
because together we can do what we cannot do alone .   
Welcome to the July 2018 Newsletter

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'NAASCA's Hands and Feet - Outreach'- this month's newsletter theme

Significant Dates in July:

July 30th is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
  • Human trafficking is a crime that exploits women, children and men for numerous purposes including forced labor and sex.
  • Every country in the world is affected by human trafficking.
  • Children make up almost one third of all the human trafficking victims worldwide. [Reference: Global Report on Human Trafficking]
  • In 2010 the UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking was created for assistance and protection to victims given though grants.

Have You Seen #metooCSA Yet?

CSA = Childhood Sexual Abuse

NAASCA's CEO Bill Murray started the #metooCSA because childhood sexual assaults and abuse are mostly left out of the conversation in recent social media movements like #metoo.

Part of our outreach efforts are to break the taboo of talking about childhood abuse, including CSA. NAASCA is asking our members to use:  #metooCSA   on all the social media platforms you engage in.

Whether you are sharing your personal story of CSA or if you have not experienced it but want to support prevention, let's all stand united by sharing statistics, resources, articles, memes, and videos using #metooCSA to get the public talking about this problem.

Bill has started a Facebook Post to raise awareness about #metooCSA and that you can share to spread the message. Included in the post is a fundraiser link to help support the free services NAASCA provides for survivors.

Please Consider Donating! If you cannot donate, please share this post link. Everything NAASCA provides to survivors depends upon member donation and volunteerism. Thank you for helping us with this outreach campaign!
Highlight on a Fabulous NAASCA Volunteer !!
In 2015 NAASCA officially became a non-profit charity. NAASCA relies solely on volunteer to offer our  30 Entirely FREE Services   , programs, tools, resources, and social media efforts available to anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime. 

We want to highlight our  Primary Volunteers   who offer their skills and creativity with ongoing commitment to specific tasks   This month we are delighted to introduce our Outreach Volunteer for veterans, police, and PTSD survivors, Sean Wyman !! We are lucky to have him with us!!
There are particular groups of survivors who feel especially challenged to come forward with their stories. Among them would be veterans, law enforcement officers, and others who suffer PTSD as a result of their childhood trauma.  NAASCA wants to reach these fellow survivors.

We're grateful to have a Veteran Liaison Outreach Volunteer who serves our veterans, law enforcement officers and anyone else who suffers from PTSD who needs assistance to avoid additional suffering. 

Learn more on the Outreach for Veterans / Cops / PTSD Sufferers Page of the NAASCA website.
Meet Sean Wyman
(Tallahassee, FL, USA)

Sean is a survivor of mental and physical abuse he experienced until around 10 years old. At that time his mother released him into foster care, and while he then felt abandoned, he now feels grateful to her for having the courage to let him go believing this actually saved his life.

Sean is an 8-year military Airborne Ranger veteran and a 17-year police officer and trainer. He has a BA degree in Public Safety Administration, and notably has received a letter of recognition from the Mayor of Baltimore, MD! He currently is working toward becoming certified in trauma-informed care practice. In his free time Sean is a beach lover and is recently learning to play guitar.

On his journey of moving forward, Sean makes it a point to say he first thanks "God for without him nothing else would be possible." He also fondly thanks his wife, Lynn Wyman and their children Orian, Timmy, and Shalyn who he enjoys coaching in soccer and baseball. There have been many other people Sean mentions have helped him discover his true purpose including Kevin Warren, Gary Norris, James MacNeil, Lauretta Pierce, and Adam Flores.

How did you first become a member of NAASCA?
" I became involved about a year and a half ago and immediately became a volunteer when provided the opportunity. "

Your outreach work is focused on police, veterans, and survivors with PTSD. Can you share a little about what that currently involves?
" My work really focuses on helping people who have faced adverse experiences in their life by sharing my story and my journey of discovering how to let go and move forward from my experiences. Most importantly showing people who believe healing is impossible with the right movement it is possible. "

What is your work week with NAASCA like and what tasks does it involve?
" Currently, I am the Veteran Liaison for NAASCA. That consists of taking calls from veterans who have found us and need help. It is flexible and really does not interrupt my schedule. What I enjoy most is the opportunity to serve others who faced traumatic experiences and help them work through them. "

This month's theme is "NAASCA's Hands and Feet - Member Outreach." What does outreach mean to you personally, and have you found your involvement in outreach helpful to you as a survivor of child abuse?
" Outreach to me means to be able to reach out to others with calm confidence, safe strength, and pure motivation and help them discover the right path for them to take to overcome their challenges. Outreach has been helpful to my healing because every time I tell my journey I let go of more of my past and embrace the opportunity that has come from the adversity I had to face. "
( Photo: Sean Wyman )

What message would you like to give other survivors about outreach through NAASCA?
" NAASCA is an amazing organization with amazing people with a genuine mission to help people who were abused as children and have not dealt with it yet. The best is seeing the transformation when someone goes from being a victim in their life to becoming the winner of their life. It's great to see people overcome their past and then come join us to help others do the same thing. "

Sean writes about his experiences in his best selling book entitled " Let Go The Movement Process. " In it he describes surviving child abuse, being a teen in foster care, having a near-death experience at age 21, and later a divorce that left him $90,000 in debt. He writes about how he was able to let go and move forward from all these difficulties and how other survivors can follow his path.

What would you like your NAASCA Family to know about your book?
" If you are looking for a start point to start your healing process, then this is the book for you. In there I share my story, the mistakes, the lessons learned, and the process to discover true healing that allows you to let go and move forward. "

The book is available for purchase on Amazon. Be sure to look forward to Sean's future projects including a book he is currently working on about bullying!

Do you know a veteran or law enforcement officer looking for support? Refer them to Sean!
Or if you just want to send Sean a connect about public speaking opportunities, or to discuss his book, you can contact him

or via phone at: (850) 508-1522
Want to do volunteer outreach for NAASCA in your own community?
There is always a place for you!
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What's New at NAASCA ?
Unfortunately, the average time for an adult survivor to begin a healing journey is their early 40s. NAASCA wants to reach the young adult survivor, saving them decades of suffering in silence, and we now have a plan to do so.

We're delighted to present Tori De Las Casas (21 years old) from Louisiana, who'll lead our new Outreach to Young Adult Survivors program specifically focusing on young men and women survivors in their 20's and early 30's!

Tori will be running  NAASCA's new Instagram account   (@NAASCAinsta) as well as taking over our  Twitter account (@NAASCAofficial), two tools we offer that are commonly used by young people.  

Tori can be reached by email at:
Be Sure to Reach Out on NAASCA's Radio Show !
Phone number to call to listen to the show.

Live Shows Air Six Nights a Week at 8 PM EST / 5 PM PAC

**NEW** Professional Co-Host Night !

Did you know about the exciting change to our Thursday night show? We now will have a survivor of abuse who is in a professional field available to answer questions and discuss topics suggested by anyone who calls in to the live show.

Be sure to tune in each week as we feature a rotating schedule of special guest professionals including:

July 6:
Michelle Bless   from Cincinnati, a survivor of severe child abuse who's now a Minister and Chaplain. She'll appear on the 1st Thursday of each month and is the author of the book " Out of Darkness: the Michelle Bless Story ," her story of redemption. In 1997, Michelle writes that she, "..was introduced to the Lord and denounced Satan," thus beginning the process of giving her life to God. Michelle is on a mission to bring as many lost souls to God as possible. Her firsthand knowledge of how low a life can plummet to the depths of despair enables her to understand and relate to what others are facing as they struggle to find God in their lives. 

July 12:
Dr. Laura Jean McGuire  from New York City, who'll appear on the show every 2nd week of the month. Dr. Laura is a nationally recognized  Sexologist  and survivor of Domestic Violence with a unique perspective on prevention and recovery. A  specialist in human sexual behavior , she'll share about consent, inclusion, and equity, using trauma-informed approaches. 

July 19:
Lorna Littner , LMSW, MS (in Public Health), from New York City, a survivor of sexual abuse by her grandfather. She'll appear on the show every 3rd week of the month. Lorna's spent most of her career as an educator in the field of human sexuality, teaching all ages, from 5 to 65! But her most recent experience has been specializing in Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). Lorna will invite listeners to call in with questions and topics on public health as related to human sexuality and its links to prevention education. Her recent article, posted to the NAASCA web site, is ' Seize the Day: Time to illuminate the issue of child sexual abuse .' 

July 26:  
Felicia L Reed , a trauma-informed Recovery Coach who suffered the entire spectrum of abuses from the age of 5 to 51. That was the point when she started a healing and recovery process. That learning and using coaching and self-healing techniques saved her life. Felicia founded  Put It In Perspective  where she currently works to teach these tools to groups and individuals. In addition, she has worked in community service programs as a key volunteer and activist for youth and women, and serves on cyber awareness forums that promote online safety. 
A Note from Our Founder and CEO:
Healing from child abuse and trauma can be a very lonely journey .. but you'll never be alone again, a day at a time, if you don't want to be !!
NAASCA belongs to no other group and receives no outside funding. We're self-supporting through our own members' voluntary contributions.
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Thanking you for all you do in the fight against child abuse and trauma and welcoming you to engage with your NAASCA family, I remain, as always,

Yours in service,

Bill Murray , Founder and CEO
National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse.   
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