Meet Mary Graziano
(Ontario, Canada)

Mary is a survivor of child abuse whose involvement with NAASCA began as a listener of the Stop Child Abuse Now radio show. Later she began calling in as a panelist on the shows and engaging with members on the NAASCA Facebook page. Mary recently retired from a long career as an Educational Assistant with the Catholic School Board where she worked with special needs children. She enjoys fishing, traveling in her truck camper, drawing, writing, and reading, and she loves being outdoors in nature.

When asked what she enjoys most from her volunteer work with NAASCA, Carolin replied:

" By posting positive prose, I have received messages from survivors thanking me, that it's what they needed to hear at that moment. That in itself is so rewarding, knowing that it helped someone who was in need of hearing supportive words. "
Mary discusses how creativity is important to recovery as a survivor of child abuse:

" Many survivors as children only heard negativity. Often told they would amount to nothing, that they're stupid, worthless! This is what many believed to be true. It is far from the truth. Their abuser wanted them to believe this. Knowing that they could keep you in the dark, too afraid to tell! Being able to change their mindset brings about so many positive changes "

" Creativity has helped many of us heal, both on the inside and outside. It's a way to express ourselves, giving us a chance to finally have a voice, a voice that was silent for so many years." She continues, " Personally, it has helped me be more positive. Creativity helps release all that we held in all these years, it's like letting the air out of a tire, the pressure is less.  

To contact Mary about her work or the NAASCA blog, or just to reach out and say hello, send your emails to: