Your January NASW/CT E-Blast

Annual Conference Brochure On The Way: Our NASW/CT 33rd Annual Conference is on May 4th, 2018 in Cromwell. Save the date! Our Conference Committee has selected a diversity of workshops with many cutting edge topics. The conference will include our ever popular "bookstore" and our exhibitors. Right now we are accepting conference sponsors and exhibitors at Watch for an email announcement on the brochure and opening of registration. The conference has sold out the past two years so once registration opens we encourage you to register under the early bird rate.
Legislative Agenda for 2018: The chapter's legislative agenda has been announced for 2018 and it has a strong social justice focus . The Legislature returns for a "short session" on Wednesday, February 7th that will run for three months. NASW/CT priorities include: Paid Family Leave, Codifying Essential Benefits of the Affordable Care Act into state law, permanently restoring the Medicare Savings Plan eligibility, repealing cuts to HUSKY parents coverage, mental health parity, protecting safety net programs, women's health care and allowing certain adoptees access to their birth certificate. Bills move quickly in the short session so watch for legislative action alerts and take action when requested.

Integrated Health Care Update: For your information, the following link is to a new practice perspectives, "Integrated Behavioral Health Services in a Primary Care Setting:  A Role for Private Practitioners".  This document discusses integrated behavioral health services implemented by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in 2017.  Although fees are bundled in primary care settings, there is also a way for clinical social workers to receive reimbursement. The chapter is part of a workgroup on integrating behavioral health providers into pediatric offices.

Social Work Month Thunderclap:   To start Social Work Month NASW is hosting a Thunderclap on March 1. A Thunderclap occurs when supporters share your message via their social media channels. It is a great way to advertise Social Work Month on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. We will begin inviting people via social media to join the Th underclap starting this week. However, you can do so now by going to this link: . We also ask that you share the link with partner organizations.
National NASW Conference: The 2018 National Conference Shaping Tomorrow Together is coming up June 20-23 in Washington DC. If you have been to the conference you know it is an inspiring experience well worth attending. For more information and to register go to


Campaign School Accepting Registrations: The Humphreys Institute for Political Social Work will hold its annual campaign school on March 2 & 3, 2018 in Hartford. This is a training for those interested in running for office or working on electoral campaigns. For more information go to .  This is Connecticut's only campaign school specifically for social workers.
Anti-Trafficking Campaign: The Trafficking in Persons Council is seeking Licensed Clinical Social Workers to assist in a campaign to combat sex trafficking. TIP introduced this public awareness campaign known as "End Demand Connecticut" to address the issues of buying non-consensual sex. We are working on a project that will involve deterring buyers who intend to purchase illegal sex online by directing them to counseling services. Clinicians who are interested in furthering anti-human trafficking efforts are invited to join the campaign. These clinicians will have the opportunity to counsel buyers who reach out to them. If you are interested in serving as a referral source for these buyers, please notify Nary Rath, Trafficking in Persons Council - Intern,
Stephen A. Karp, LMSW
Executive Director
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