January 2017                                                                    Volume 2  Issue 1                                                                     
    Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a great end to your year.  Now it is time to focus on 2017 and how you will succeed and grow within your practice. Many of you took my advice and got started placing your own dental implants and are already seeing the benefits to your patients and your practice. 
Website Updates
Make sure to check out the updated educational opportunities on my website.  There are courses for all levels of practitioners.  

Click here to see the course list
Case of the Month
If the clinical situation warrants it, there is no better service you can provide your patient than extracting a tooth and placing a dental implant at the same time.
Check out a recent case which shows how I handled an extraction and immediate placement on a maxillary 1st molar.

Link to Implant Practice US article
FDA Bans Powdered Gloves
For those of you that are still using powdered gloves...they are now illegal!
With the advances in todays synthetic gloves, there really is no reason to continue to use latex.
See FDA ban here
See You All Next Month