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Issue #15, June 2015
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Welcome to Garces Foundation's quarterly newsletter! Keep reading for upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and more.
Program Updates
Community Health Day
On April 25th Garces Foundation held the third Community Health Day of the year at Garces Dental Group.  From 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. volunteers provided comprehensive oral exams, x-rays, cleanings, and also filled cavities. Cholesterol and glucose screenings, physicals, breast cancer health education, and HIV screenings were also administered to the underserved and uninsured immigrant community of Philadelphia.
"We served 80 patients during our Community Health Day."
Patients who needed followup care were referred to our partner organizations.
English for the Restaurant and Everyday Living
Our spring session classes are winding down. For the last three months the students in our spring session have been participating in skill building workshops with chefs and working on their communication skills through language acquisition, leading to learner confidence.
"The students were introduced to key vocabulary 
necessary to bake bread and pastries."
On June 4th students were introduced to bakery vocabulary and a variety of types of breads through a bread demo hosted by baker Justin Lingl.
Luna Farm
Weekly field trips to Luna Farm were held during the month of May.  Young students planted their own vegetables and spices and also prepared and ate their own healthy salsa which they used to make rainbow quesadillas. 
"I learned that different fruits have different vitamins."
Youth from Greater Philadelphia took a walking tour through the Luna Farm greenhouse where they learned about the process of harvesting.  They also participated in a nature walk around the farm, where they were taught the importance of exercise and how they may keep active at home.

Recent Events

2nd Annual Summer Barbecue

Sunday, June 7th was an amazing day filled with great food, old and new friends, and fantastic weather!  Over 200 people attended Garces Foundation's Second Annual Summer BBQ, enjoying delicious summer fare by local vendors.  Garces Foundation raised over $16,000 at the BBQ.  If you missed it this year, come see us on the farm next June!

Fun Safe Philly Summer Pop-Up Event

On Thursday, June 11th Philadelphia youth tried our tasty (and healthy) quesadillas at City of Philadelphia's Fun Safe Philly Summer Pop-Up event!  At the event, children ate healthy snacks and learned about how to stay active during the summer.  Garces Foundation will be providing snacks at two more Fun Safe Philly events this summer !
Upcoming Events
Young Friends
Ice Cream Social
On July 22nd Ben & Jerry's will be hosting an Ice Cream Benefit Night for Young Friends of Garces Foundation!  The event will take place from 6-8 p.m. at the Ben & Jerry's at 1726 Samson Street.

  20% of sales from
  the event will be donated to Garces                                                                  Foundation and used to sponsor students in                                                    our EREL program!

Community Health Day

Our next Community Health Day will be held at
Garces Dental Group's office on Saturday, July 25th.  We will provide FREE medical and dental diagnostic services.  Appointments are required!  Call (215) 923-1233 to schedule your appointment.

Are you a medical doctor, nurse or dentist who wants to help Philadelphia's uninsured immigrants?  We would welcome your help!  Please contact Michael Barnes  if you are interested in volunteering.
~ Stay tuned for information about our annual fundraiser ~

Think Local/Give Local!

Volunteer Opportunities
Are you interested in volunteering for our organization?

Join our EREL staff today!  We are currently looking for ESL teachers to teach in the next session which begins on July 6th.  We also have opportunities open for volunteers looking to help out with our Luna Farm field trips!
For more information visit our website here!

Parting Quote
"We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community...Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes  and for our own."

~ Cesar Chavez ~
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