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2017 Natural Living Directory
March 2017 Issue

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Featured: From the Directory

Dana Kane Reed
Pharmacist *  Reed's Compounding Pharmacy   
2729 E Speedway Blvd, 85716
520-318-4421 *

Pharmacist and co-owner of Reed's Compounding Pharmacy, Dana Reed-Kane graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Arizona in 1996 and is a fourth generation pharmacist.  READ MORE.

Local Features - What's Happening Here in Tucson

unique, holistic and effective Parkinson's disease treatment program will be introduced in a workshop by a panel of five practitioners, from noon to 5 p.m., April 29, at the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center. All Parkinson's patients, their family members and friends, support group leaders, caregivers and neurologists should attend.  READ MORE.

The spring Ajo Arts Weekend, a jam-packed weekend of arts and culture, with concurrent events happening across Ajo, will be held from March 24 through 26. Throughout the weekend in "Artists' Alley", artists will convene for Ajo's biannual Street Art Gathering to paint large-scale murals. Also headed to Ajo are nationally-known theater artists Mondo Bizarro and ArtSpot Productions, from New Orleans.  READ MORE.

RainbowLight Creations, a multimedia production company, is launching its premier event, "Creating Healthy Enlightened Relationships", a one-day seminar, on May 13, at the Radisson Suites, in Tucson. Participants can expect to learn new, practical ways to navigate common ego-based challenges in their relationships with heartful skill and...  READ MORE.
Living Well
Wellness Under One Roof
by  Suzie Agrillo

Being healthy physically, mentally and spiritually is vital to our quality of life. The unique group of like-minded healing professionals at WellnessFirst has created a collaborative, patient-focused...  READ MORE.

Tell a New Story
Excerpt from  Love Yourself Sacred
by CJ Walker

How hung up are you in your story of who you are? We all have a story to tell. Most of us identify ourselves with the events and tragedies that we have experienced. We attach ourselves to these memories and make them a banner that we proudly wear and proclaim ourselves to be. How often do you beat the drum of something that really doesn't serve you by telling everyone you come into contact with about your story?  READ MORE.
Food Sensitivities
Fearless Eating
How to Move Past Food Sensitivities

Complaints of digestive upsets, brain fog, headaches, relentless food cravings and unrelieved stress appear to be at epidemic levels these days. 

"These symptoms may be part of newfound awareness of the wide-ranging and seemingly unrelated health problems caused by food sensitivities and intolerances...  READ MORE.
by DeeAnn Saber

There are two workable ways to determine food issues: get tested or do the elimination/challenge. The elimination/challenge is free and effective, but it can be very time consuming. One needs to keep track of what they eat, and when, and how much, to accurately determine what is bothering them.  READ MORE.

by Nathan S. Conlee

For those dealing with allergies and food sensitivities, it can be a nightmare trying to figure out what to eat, how to get a healthy diet, how to deal with all the symptoms and how to get help and make the nightmare disappear.

I start with a comprehensive blood metabolic panel, a 198-food hypersensitivity panel and recommend... READ MORE.
by Charles Knouse

Are food sensitivities allergies? Occasionally-but 80 to 95 percent of food sensitivities are actually damage to the gut by poisons or infections, i.e. leaky gut syndrome. Heal the gut and heal the sensitivity-but first we have to stop the cause: the poisoning or infection.  READ MORE.

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