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 with a special focus on youth sports, men, middle age and the workplace.

Begin Again
Welcome to the September issue. As fall approaches, it is a wonderful time to begin again. Simply in meditation or in life. I am beginning again with the new business venture described below as well as several exciting offerings in the coming months. Best, Marc

Introducing the Center for Self-Care, LLC
"It's been said that the most important thing is to know what you really want.
The second most important thing, and where many men fail, is to ensure you have support on your path. I'm inspired by Marc and Josh's vision of creating a safe and sacred space to explore what it means to be a man in today's challenging times." - Jonathan Foust, Meditation Teacher
Josh Gansky and I are thrilled to announce the creation of the Center For Self-Care, LLC (C4SC). We are experienced educators who have joined forces to bring mindfulness, self-care, stress management and self-compassion to the Philadelphia area through retreats, workshops, classes and groups. C4SC will hit the ground running with new and continuing events in the fall and winter focused on men and dads.

Marc and Josh have sought to complement existing mindfulness offerings in the area by specifically focusing on tools for mindful living and building male friendships. Their personal exploration and their work as meditation teachers have driven them to this important niche.

Visit our website at or read on to learn how to be a part of this new venture through groups, retreats and workshops.

Your Mindful Coach will continue to offer newsletters, podcast, blogs and programming for everyone while mens programs will migrate to C4SC over time.

Begin Again
In a recent blog post, I wrote, 

" The most important job is to begin again In mindfulness meditation, a core practice is returning your attention when it becomes lost. You may find yourself lost in thought. And that is okay. The point isn't to perfect your meditation or empty your mind. Instead, it is to return over and over, no matter how far your mind has traveled or how long it has wandered from the present moment. We use our breath, our body, our senses to gently guide us back to now, the only moment that there really is.

This practice is quite simple really. You might want to try it out for 7 Mindful Minutes: Begin Again.

Scientifically, we are learning that when we practice returning our attention to the matter at hand, the person in front of us, or simply the beauty of our environment, we literally train our brain to incline towards that action. Neuroplasticity is what allows us to build positive new habits and stick with them. Check it out:


Register through the links below or click here for an updated schedule.

Monthly starts October 11 from 8-10 pm, Wayne

Monthly starts October 19 from 7:30-9 pm, Wayne

Monthly beginning November 2 from 7:30-8:45 pm, Strafford

Friday, November 3 at 7 p.m. to Sunday, November 5 at 12 pm., Wilkes Barre

Saturday, December 3 from 10 am-1 pm, Strafford

5-week class beginning February 21, 8-10 pm, Wayne

Sunday, April 8 from 10 am-4 pm, Bryn Mawr

Fall Offerings From Your Mindful Coach

drop-in Sept 25, Oct 3 (Tues), Nov 27 & Dec 4, 7:30-8:45pm, Strafford

Marc Balcer  brings his experience as a coach, entrepreneur and investor to Your Mindful Coach  and now Center for Self-Care, LLC. He has received training in  Mindfulness-Based Stress Management, Mindful Self-Compassion and Mindful Schools.