MJ is the mother of two grown children and three grandchildren. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University and worked as a registered nurse for many years, mainly in the ER, until retiring in 2015. MJ didn't relax in retirement for long though! She then began her current profession as an onsite investigator of death scenes with the county coroner office. MJ loves sports! Even though she has lived in Ohoio for 28 years, she is a loyal fan of her Alma Mater state teams, the Nittany Lions, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

When asked how she became involved with NAASCA, MJ responded:
" I met Bill Murray in an online chat
room in 1999 and neither of us have been able to get rid of the other, ever since. I started working with him and his LACP website in January 2003 so when he decided to create NAASCA to support survivors of child abuse, I slid into the role of helping him, even though I myself am not a survivor. "  

This month's theme is gratitude. When asked what she is grateful for, MJ replied:
" I don’t know where to begin for all the things I am grateful for. I guess I should say the basics: the love of family, good health and a lifestyle that is comfortable.