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NWABR Conferences
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Practical Implications for IACUCs in a rapidly changing world: Lessons Learned.  Institutional
Animal Care and Use Committee Conference
The 2016 NWABR Regional IACUC Conference in Bellevue, WA, is being hosted in conjunction with the annual PRIM&R IACUC conference.

The series of events includes: 
March 30:    IACUC 101 & University of Washington Facility tour (spaces already filled)

March 31:    NWABR IACUC conference

April 1 and 2:     PRIM&R IACUC conference

The IACUC 101, the NWABR conference and the PRIM&R conference are all being hosted at the Bellevue Hyatt hotel.  

NWABR's IACUC conference will focus on experiences, real-world cases, and expert panels.  In response to attendee requests from prior years Paula Clifford from Americans for Medical Progress will lead a session about how we can talk about the work of IACUCs and animal research with lay audiences.  This is an important topic for all biomedical researchers as the ability to honestly communicate our work is key to keeping the public's trust.

 See the detailed agenda here . Don't miss this epic conference pairing!  
Learn more and register  
Ethics & Regulation in the Digital Age Institutional Review Board Conference in Seattle, WA
On July 21, 2016 NWABR will co-present its annual IRB conference with Quorum Review IRB. Ethics and Regulation in the Digital Age will address how digital and emerging technologies impact all aspects of the work of researchers and IRBs, and in particular can conflict with ethics and regulations.

Look for more details and registration later this week...
Save the date Thursday June 9th 6:30-10:30PM 

This event is a special opportunity to honor outstanding contributors in the field of biomedical research, enjoy great food, music and networking. For more information click here  
Precious Gifts: The Stewardship of Fetal Tissue
Spokane Community Conversation March 21, 2016 
We have all thought about it, but no one is sure where to start the Conversation.  Fetal tissue research is a valuable tool in our medical history.  We hold its promise tenderly alongside ethical concerns. 

Be courageous. Join us. Learn more and register 
Jen Wroblewski | NWABR | (206) 957-3337 |  engagement@nwabr.org | nwabr.org