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Practitioner Profile Spotlight
Danielle Dvorak
End of Life Mentor

An "End of Life Mentor," also referred to as a "Death Doula," or "Death Midwife", is a personal resource. This is someone who supports by relieving stress, answering tough questions, interfacing with medical professionals, translating medical lingo...  READ MORE.
This Month in Tucson

H eather Chalon, MPH, Master Trainer at Tai Chi for Health Institute, wants to remind us that September is National Falls Prevention Month. Falls are not a normal part of aging, yet falls and their associated costs are part of our nation's largest health expenditure, and the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans.  READ MORE.

A ging Grace, of Tucson, provides clients and their families the highest standard of excellence in caregiving. This is accomplished through professional delivery of focused, team-based care and relevant communication with residents, their medical providers and the responsible family member or agency leads.  READ MORE.

A ging is a combination of internal and external factors. Genetics and natural aging processes such as hormonal changes, loss of fat and bony support and slowing of regenerative processes such as collagen and elastin repair are the major causes of aging that are largely outside of our ability to control.  READ MORE.

H elichrysum, a member of the daisy/sunflower family, is among the most miraculous and powerful healing plants at our disposal. Helichrysum italicum essential oil, also known as Immortelle, is revered for its unparalleled regenerative and protective benefits in skin care...  READ MORE.
D ecisions made in our younger and middle years define our later years. To make strong aged bones, a healthy body and a flexible mind, now is the time to make intelligent decisions for keeping the body/mind/spirit strong and vigorous.  READ MORE.
Feeling Stressed? A Little Crazed? 
Try Flotation Therapy

A round 150 years ago, we lived in close contact with nature and in a pattern of very slow life rhythms which gave adequate time to integrate outside sensory stimuli into our nervous systemsREAD MORE.
T hroughout history, the concept of beauty has been an ever-changing lens through which we both view and mirror our evolution as a species. Humankind has adorned, embellished and decorated our environments from dwellings, clothing, modes of transportation and our bodies since the beginning of recorded time.  READ MORE.
Tucson Yoga and Fitness Guide: Dancing
An Affordable and Fun 'Health' Insurance Option

"T hat was so much fun," is the initial emotional response spoken by many who try dancing for the first time. Be it Zumba, swing dancing or the waltz, they love the music and find other participants supportive and happy.  READ MORE.
M indful Yoga Studio, Tucson's only Latina-owned yoga business, celebrated five successful years in business on July 30, with expanded yoga and health and wellness offerings. "We are grateful that the people of Tucson have responded to what we continue to envision for Mindful Yoga-a place to reflect, restore and renew," founder and owner Shraddha Hilda Oropeza says.  READ MORE.
Healthy Tailgating Foods to Cheer For

Eat, play, party... and repeat. We may call it tailgating, fangating, homegating, a watch party or simply eating with friends before a big game. According to the American Tailgaters Association, in St. Paul, Minnesota, an estimated 50 million Americans tailgate annually...

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