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Your October Savers Newsletter

Happy Autumn from Earn to Learn!

Many of you are in the midst of midterms and others have just joined Earn to Learn in preparation for college next year. Good luck and welcome!

This is your October Savers Newsletter. It is important that you take the time to read this newsletter so you don't miss out on important information. 
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Upcoming Events

UofA Evening of Honors 
For current UofA savers and guests. 

Join a celebration of E2L student savers and families on November 2nd from 6pm-8pm. 

Old Main Lawn (fountain side)

Visit our Invite Page for more information and to register. 
article2Recent Events

Budgeting 101 

Last month E2L and Vantage West hosted a budgeting 101 workshop at the UofA. Students learned about budgeting for college, how to shop wisely, and the value of a 401k at any age. 

Vantage West put on a great program and we'd love to hear requests from YOU for our next personal finance workshop topic. 

Email if you have a suggestion! 

NAU's Evening of Honors

E2L's Northern office hosted their Evening of Honors last month. We had the chance to thank our partners and recognize our outstanding students. 

Check out the photos on our Facebook page!



Completing the FAFSA is manageable when you know what to expect. Understanding what you need and how to answer tricky questions beforehand can ensure this process isn't overwhelming. Learn  what to expect when filling out the FAFSA with Salt , and sign up for FREE at . If you have already created your account don't forget to log in and complete your SALT Lesson this month, and explore all of their resources that can teach you about paying for college. 


For all those going to college (regardless of year) FAFSA is now open as of Oct. 1st 2016. 

The sooner you complete it, the better your chances of receiving financial aid! 

Saver Spotlight

Rachel Rogowski

Learn about Rachel's journey saving for college, moving out on her own, and making it into the UofA's Eller College of Management. 

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