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Welcome to the Webprint newsletter for October. Each month we will look at the various products and services available from Webprint, worldwide stories and other interesting print facts.
Christmas Brochure Printing

Now is the time to start planning your Christmas printing.

Webprint has a wide range of formats to suit your printing needs - from a small booklet up to magazine size (folded or un-folded). We can arrange direct delivery to newspaper printers for insertion or to a direct mail company for door to door distribution.
Visit our website  here for more details on our available formats or call us on 021 4670200 to discuss your print requirements.

Why Print News Still Rules

Print, particularly the newspaper, is an amazingly sophisticated technology for showing you what's important, and showing you a lot of it

Newspaper designers have created a universal grammar of headline size, typeface, place, letter spacing, white space, sections, photography, and illustration that gives readers subtle clues on what and how to read to satisfy their news needs.

Web pages can't convey this metadata because there's not enough room on the screen to display it all. Even if you have two monitors on your desk, you still don't have as much reading real estate that an open broadsheet newspaper offers.

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Myths & Facts

The Myth:  The Paper Industry is Old Fashioned

The Fact:  Paper is constantly innovating as are its products and associated product technologies

There has been £3bn investment in the industry in recent years

Modern paper machines contain more electronics than a Boeing 747

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