Possible Threat to Pittsylvania Homeschoolers

We need your presence at the Pittsylvania School Board meeting this Tuesday (February 11)! 


The challenge to homeschool religious freedom did not end when the study of religious exemption was stopped in the General Assembly last week. The threat is now closer to home--Pittsylvania County, to be exact.


Now is the time to act! Find out below what you can do to protect homeschool freedoms in your own county.




Yvonne Bunn 

Home Educators Association of Virginia


Religious Exemption Policy To Be Discussed

The Pittsylvania County School Board's agenda includes a discussion of "exclusions and exemptions from school attendance" at the next school board meeting. This means religious exemption will be discussed.


The school board has decided to discuss this topic in closed session--without public comment. Homeschoolers have asked to be part of a task force to discuss any changes in the board's religious exemption policy. The board has refused to create a task force and is moving forward without any public input from homeschoolers.


This Tuesday evening, February 11, at 7 p.m., the school board will meet at the school board offices at 39 Bank Street in Chatham. If you are a homeschooler in Pittsylvania County-regardless of whether you homeschool under the religious exemption statute or have filed a notice of intent form, please attend this school board meeting. This could be the beginning of more government control for ALL homeschoolers.


Your presence is important!

Your presence alone shows that you are interested in this topic and you are watching the board's decisions. If you bring your children, make sure they are well behaved. A standing-room-only crowd will get their attention without a word.


Most parents will not need to speak, but those who decide to address the board should do so with respect even when disagreeing with the policy. Those who plan to speak will need to sign-up before the meeting. Have notes to ensure you stay on topic and clearly present the most important points.


This is a religious freedom issue and a parent's rights issue. The goal is to keep the policy as it is. If the board decides to do this, then parents who are signed up to speak should only make a brief statement expressing appreciation for their actions.


It is important to pray

We should always pray for our elected officials, but it is especially important to pray that God will move in the hearts of the school board members concerning religious freedom. This is a time when there should be a separation between government oversight and religious education.