Spring Is Here! 
 It's time to dust off your books and take another look at your estate plan.

My daughter and her husband have not done much in terms of planning for their future. They have a life insurance policy and have said that if anything happens to them, one of our other family members can take care of their two children. How can I convince them that a life insurance policy with beneficiaries is not a plan?

Answer:  It's better to have some kind of plan rather than no plan at all. Unfortunately, many parents  exercise more caution in selecting a baby sitter than they do in  planning who will care for their children and their money if they die.  This is not a deliberate failure or neglect of their children's needs. Rather, they don't plan because it's "expensive" or it's a "negative  thing to think about" or because they just can't decide who to choose.  As difficult as such decisions are to address, they are crucial to the welfare of children. If planning questions go unanswered, others (including the government) will be left to make those decisions for them. This process is often much more expensive than what it would cost to put a formal plan in place now for their loved ones.

April is Autism Awareness Month and the Resch and Root team chose to "Light It Up Blue"
to help shine a bright light on this growing global public health priority. 
Click here to learn the signs.

This just in...
Congratulations to our very own Kayla Hershner, Esq., who just learned she has passed the Florida Bar Exam!

In addition to Ohio, Kayla is now licensed to practice law in the state of Florida and will be assisting our clients with Florida residences concerning their estate planning.
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