"Do you hear me, do you feel me? We gon' be alright." - Kendrick Lamar
J3 Recovery Podcast lures new leadership

Chris interviews Kristen Harper, then Executive Director of Association of Recovery Schools. Who knew that this podcast interview would lead to a job interview? Kristen has since become our Executive Director and we're so happy she's here. We invited her down from Colorado to be a lead panelist for our Generation Found theatrical screening. This crucial documentary about recovery high schools in Houston, TX is created by Greg Williams who brought us the pivotal film The Anonymous People. We're excited to benefit from her leadership and experience as we encourage North Carolinians to mobilize a recovery schools movement... listen now.
Rally for Recovery snags headlines

People in recovery from alcohol and other drug problems, their families, friends and allies gathered from across the Greater Triangle Area on Saturday, September 10th, for the 5th Annual Capital Area Rally for Recovery.

Recovery Communities of North Carolina (RCNC) organizes this advocacy event each year to celebrate National Recovery Month.  The Rally raises the profile of recovery... read more .
Access to Recovery heads for the mountains

Doc Holliday is leading our service expansion into Buncombe County. Doc has been the ATR Services Coordinator with us from the beginning here in Wake County. When this opportunity came up, we couldn't think of a better person to send. Doc has roots in Asheville, and he and his new fiance, Kathleen, eagerly headed for the mountains to start a new chapter in their lives. Doc reflects with gratitude on how our paths crossed three years ago.... read more.
Find your tribe and live a full life

You do not have to recover alone. As a matter of fact, we don't recommend it. Neither does SAMHSA, The National Institute of Health, a growing body of research, and good old common sense. If you want to become better than well, do your best to find your tribe. Studies show that affiliational supports reduce stress and increase quality of life. Recovery does not have to be a solitary trudge through a veil of tears. 

If you are a recovery coach, sponsor, peer support specialist, provider, or family member, encourage your people to take advantage of the varieties of recovery supports that RCNC has to offer. They will thank you. (Football Sundays, Recovery Art Project, All Recovery Meeting, Family Discussion Group, Recovery Music Project, and more). Check out our calendar of activities!
ATR Provider Spotlight: Community Success Initiative (CSI)

As ATR begins its third year in North Carolina, we thank all the partners who made its success possible. 2,508 participants are enrolled, 60 agencies are partnering and 14,243 vouchers have been rendered as of the end of year two. Our participants are healing, working and feeling the support they need to restore their families and give back to our communities. Hats off to the men and women sustaining their recovery and the relationships being built through ATR.

Beginning this month, RCNC would like to celebrate an outstanding service provider in the NC ATR Network each time we put out The Message. This month's ATR Provider Spotlight features our good friends at Community Success Initiative (CSI)... read more.
NC CCAR Recovery Coach Academy celebrates anniversary

"There were so many things that I discovered by attending Recovery Coach Academy. Each day was spent learning new tools that enhanced my own recovery... I found I had become somewhat dependent upon 'one path' thinking of recovery and attending RCA broadened that perspective for me. I also found a valuable tool I needed to improve my skills, and that was motivational interviewing. I learned skills to pass on to other people to help them find a life free from the bondage of addictions... it was one of the most exciting events I've been a part of in my recovery life." - James "Kirk" Kirkman (NC CCAR RCA Alumnus, Cohort #1)

It's hard to believe that we're one year old. RCNC will be teaching its sixth cohort the week of November 14th. Peers, family members, and clinicians are raving about this nationally recognized educational experience... read more.
Visions of Recovery

  Executive Director Kristen Harper
A Season of Reflection - As I wrap up my first month as the newest team member of Recovery Communities of North Carolina I cannot help but reflect on all of the gifts 2016 has brought the recovery movement. I find it little less that coincidental that we are entering the fall season which has been a time of reflection, shedding of old ideas and a celebratory period of our accomplishments so far. 

Yes, 2016 was a BIG year for the recovery movement and we all have much to be grateful for. Critical milestones like the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) was successfully signed into law earlier this year. We are also patiently awaiting the release of the Surgeon General's report on addiction and recovery in the United States, which is the first of it's kind. This report, scheduled for public release on Nov. 18th, will likely impact clinical care for those with substance use disorder and provide additional recovery support suggestions we will use to help direct future efforts in our country.  North Carolina is continuing to lead the way in advocacy and education nationally. We are thrilled to continue to work with our various partners at the state and local levels to help provide critical access to treatment and recovery support services. Under the guidance of our incredible Board of Directors and dedicated staff and volunteers, RCNC continues to be an innovative leader within a poised, national movement. We cannot wait to see what 2017 will bring! 

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