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Spring 2016 

A Blueprint for Environmental Literacy   

The California Blueprint for Environmental Literacy provides important opportunities 
to integrate environmental literacy throughout the K-12 education system. This Blueprint is a collaborative project between the California Department of Education's Environmental Literacy Task Force, the Glen Price Group and many other stake-holders statewide.  Five working teams spent over a year outlining goals and recommendations in these areas:

1. Learning Environments and Expanding Reach
2. Instructional Materials and Educator Professional Learning
3. System Integration of Environmental Literacy with Common Core, NGSS, 
    STEM and other current initiatives such as EEI
4. Learning Outcomes and Monitoring and Assessment of Environmental Literacy
5. Sustainable Funding for Environmental Literacy

This plan lays the groundwork for how ALL students can enjoy equal access. The outcome should be environmentally literate adults able to understand, tackle and 
solve California's complex environmental concerns.

To learn more, download the document from  the CDE website.

- Crystal Howe, CREEC Coordinator, Region 9a
What's New in Region 9a 

Teachers on the Estuary

TRNERR Invites teachers to their annual estuary training and the community to a series of open houses on the reserve!

Butterfly Festival!

Visit butterflies in the pavilion and 'Get your bug on!' at the Ms. Smarty-Plants Pollinator Party. Meet butterfly experts, and explore . . .

Teacher Workshops in Conservation Science

Each year we invite educators from around the nation (and the world!) to our research headquarters in Escondido, CA to learn about headline scenarios in wildlife conservation. During the program, participants engage in activities  . . . 
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An Afternoon Discussing Climate Change  

Over 40 San Diego and Imperial County nature educators came together thanks to SD Children and Nature around the topic of climate change. We heard from groups such as the Climate Action Campaign and Climate Science Alliance on actions we can take with our students and community to educate about climate change. We also look at how studying climate change supports the Next Generation Science Standards before we tried on activities that support the Science and Engineering Practices of NGSS along with the study of climate change. It was a great chance to look at how we can incorporate both NGSS and important content topics into our field work with students! 


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The California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) Network is an educational project supported by the California Department of Education in collaboration with state, regional and local partners. Its expansive communication network provides educators with access to high-quality educational resources to enhance the environmental literacy of California Students.
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Crystal Howe,, (858)337-5784

Shannon Gordon, Statewide CREEC Coordinator,
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